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We offer a wide variety of classes at our locations. These range from yoga, Pilates, Step, Dance, Sixpack, special back training to alleviate or prevent pain and our own weight loss programs, Tae Bo, Zumba and Aqua Fitness. All classes offered are included in your membership at no additional charge. Select your desired John Harris Fitness location below to view the full class schedule.

July 2024

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Senior gymnastics? Not at all - aqua sports is the new trend and not for nothing: water as a fitness tool is an absolute calorie killer! You can also call it an "all in one" workout, because it trains endurance, flexibility and strength. Since the density of water is 12 times higher than that of air, waters resistance is greater. This means the muscle work has to be increased - but it doesn't mean that you have to exert yourself 12 times more. Because at the same time the weight of our body is experienced 10% lighter under the influence of reduced gravity. During this whole-body workout, more calories are burned than jogging - to be more precise, up to 400 kcal in half an hour.


Every beginning is hard, but it's worth it. If you invest time and energy in your endurance, you will soon notice the first improvements in your everyday life. Going to the supermarket, cleaning the apartment or running around with the kids, everything becomes easier when your body is fit. Another bonus: a fit body is also less likely to get sick in the winter, as it is better able to fight off pathogens. Our endurance classes are effective and motivate you to do your best in a group - just try them out!


For all dance lovers we offer different dance styles in our clubs. From Hip Hop to Modern Dance, Zumba or Salsa Aerobics, there is everything that a dancer's heart desires. If you don't know yet which style you like best, just try them all once. All of our classes are designed so that you can join at any time. You don't need any special previous knowledge. The instructors make sure that beginners and advanced dancers are equally challenged.


Want to try something other than running, strength training or yoga? Then our Kick & Box courses could be just the thing for you. Hardly any other sport works so well as a whole-body and mental training. The classes are ideal for building muscle and strength, increasing your coordination and overall fitness.


In the beginning, our power courses are demanding, because pushing yourself to your physical performance limits is not easy. But it's worth it, because you'll start to see results in no time - both visually and physically. Try our highly effective power miracle classes for a crisp butt and well-toned abs.


In our spinning classes you can get the best out of yourself in a group. You can determine the intensity yourself, because it can be adjusted on each bike. You can switch between fast and slow at any time, as well as uphill and straight. With music, the effort fades into the background and your thoughts wander. This way you can switch off during training and even improve your performance. Indoor cycling especially trains the muscles of the legs and buttocks and stimulates the cardiovascular system. Ideal for basic fitness.


No matter how exciting our occupation may be, we usually do them while sitting at our desks. Even away from our work, we spend most of our time sitting or lying down. Too little movement quickly leads to back and neck pain. Targeted training in our back courses strengthens the muscles and relieves the spine and intervertebral discs - a natural painkiller for back problems.




Our special courses are suitable for both dedicated athletes, but also for people who often and for a long time work in postures that are not beneficial to their health. Try, for example, the popular fascia training, in which you train with your own body weight, mainly on the floor. This involves using a fascia roller to massage and stimulate the body's own fascia. The fascia rollers are of course provided for the course in the John Harris premises. The fascia training is also available as an aqua version.


Maintaining the mobility of joints and muscles is a prerequisite for healthy movement patterns. And this in turn protects against various problems of the musculoskeletal system, which occur more frequently with increasing age. A stretching program that can be practiced independently from an athletic activity and is therefore widely recommended. This is of course offered at John Harris Fitness. Be flexible!


What would the perfect start to the day look like? For John Harris members, possibly with a round of "wake-up yoga": during sun salutations on the fitness club's spacious terrace with a view of the Graz Opera, yogis in group classes perk up. "Wake-up yoga" has become a trend; it provides the body with energy and helps to start the day in a balanced way. The mind wakes up, the metabolism is stimulated, and the circulation gets going. The early morning yoga session also has another advantage, the head is still free from stressful thoughts of the day and so it is easier to switch off to concentrate on the exercises.