At selected John Harris Fitness Clubs, you can choose from a special beauty and pampering option: our light therapy. An exclusive tanning of the skin combined with targeted anti-aging - with hybrid UV and collagen light, both are achieved in one.

  • Solarium landscape:
  • Anti-Aging Solarium: anti-aging select technology with 3 choices for firm and soft skin all over the body, reduction of wrinkles and a naturally beautiful and effective tan:

        100% Collagen & 65% UV Light
        100% Collagen & 85% UV light
        100% Collagen & 100% UV light

  • Standing solarium: for a perfect, quick and effective tan
  • Sunbed solarium: for a perfect, quick and effective tan
  • Infrared cabin – Vital cabin: guaranteed well-being and relaxation



The Anti-aging
Light therapy

  • stimulates the production of collagen
  • elastin and hyaluron,
  • activates the body's own vitamin D production,
  • reduces wrinkles and fine lines,
  • provides for finer pores and improved skin texture,
  • produces a naturally tanned complexion and firmer skin.
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Regeneration, relaxation & anti-aging at the highest level.

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