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We are all familiar with massages from top-class sports: after a competition, a masseur is already waiting for the athlete to provide the necessary relaxation of the muscles after the exertion. For amateur athletes a sports massage is of great advantage to shorten the regeneration time. Through the targeted treatment, the heavily stressed muscle groups can be loosened again, and hardenings can be released. The massage promotes blood circulation and stimulates cell metabolism. It should take place at the latest 24 hours after the sport. This way, possible muscle soreness can be weakened or avoided altogether, and the muscles are fit again more quickly.



If you train every day, you should also pay special attention to regeneration! Especially when you increase your training intensity or train for a competition, it makes sense to treat your body to a massage once a week. At almost all John Harris Fitness locations you can also book your massage directly with our experienced sports masseurs and get a massage after your workout. This way you go home relaxed. You can also use the massage as a special incentive or reward to motivate you to train. The massage is very effective if you warm up your body beforehand, for example in our sauna.


Be careful with pain, you should always check with a doctor before getting a massage. Tension can be combated well, but if there is an acute inflammation, then it is important to be aware of it because a massage in this case would be bad for the healing. It puts additional stress on the inflamed area.

Rule No. 1 in a sports massage: If it is painful, then let your Masseur know immediately. He or she will then change the intensity. A massage can cause stronger stimuli in some places, but the pressure should not be painful, because in this case, the probability is very high that the muscle tenses rather than relaxes.

Selection of Massages

With well-founded expertise, we offer soothing massages in selected clubs. The lasting positive effect on body and mind will accompany you long after the treatment. For appointment reservations and information, please contact the reception team of your club.

Our current massage offer:

  • classic massage
  • Tuina massage
  • lymphatic drainage
  • Acupressure massage
  • Foot reflexology massage
  • cupping treatment
  • "Chi Yang" head massage
  • Sports massage


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