Fit & activE even during pregnancy

Exercise and gentle sports have a very positive effect on mother and child, you should only know how to do it properly.

Pregnancy is not a condition in which sports must be avoided, because medical experts now know that sports have positive effects on the health and well-being of mother and fetus. But beware. The decisive factor is how the physical stress is dosed. Our trainers and therapists, know how you can support them optimally.

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The question with sport in normal pregnancies is: How much blood is left for the fetus when the mother runs, cycles or swims?

The child receives oxygen and glucose through the blood. Therefore, one should not risk any undersupply. Because the area is so sensitive, women should exercise up to a maximum of 140 heartbeats per minute - no more. And a break should be taken after 20 minutes. Such a safety zone is essential under all circumstances to protect the unborn child.

The trainers can help by giving the client some security and assistance. They can control all these important things, objectively assess and follow how the client is doing.

The trainer can help by giving the client a certain amount of security and support. They can control all these important things, objectively assess and monitor how the client is doing.

Pelvic Floor Training

During pregnancy, the pelvic floor is put under a lot of strain. In order to avoid back pain and facilitate involution, it is recommended to train the pelvic floor regularly from the 1st half of pregnancy. Because the muscle is heavily used during pregnancy and childbirth, training during pregnancy is particularly important so that it can maintain its functions afterwards.

The pelvic floor supports the organs and must hold the increasingly heavy baby during pregnancy. It stabilizes the trunk and posture, ensures our continence and supports us during sexual activities. It is important to train both tensing and relaxing. Because both are needed for the birth.

A strong pelvic floor can provide better support for the baby and bladder, and help to position the baby's head during the birthing process. It can also reduce the risk of uterine prolapse and urinary incontinence after birth. So it's worth incorporating pelvic floor exercises into your exercise and sports program during pregnancy.

Body Posture

The body must be in neutrally aligned during all exercises, as posture is a particularly important issue after pregnancy. Often after a cesarean the interaction between the

abdominal muscles and the muscles attached to the pelvis is not optimal. This can lead to instability, back problems and also pelvic floor problems. Therefore, balance exercises are a must in post-Cesarean section recovery training.



Usually, during a cesarean there is a cross-section through the abdominal wall where the fat and connective tissues are cut or stretched. Several layers (including fascia) are affected.

In the case of the transverse abdominal muscles, the tendon plate is split transversely and the straight abdominal muscles are pushed to the side. The abdominal muscles are not cut, but stretched, and the peritoneum is cut.



It is important to approach the training after a cesarean in a goal oriented way. The strength training must be well dosed and the exercises must be chosen very specifically. A well-trained personal trainer is ideal for this.

Only if the entire movement sequence of the exercise is carried out evenly with the same intensity can the workouts develop their optimal effect. In addition, you can avoid technical errors that can lead to injuries.


Recommended Sports

Exercises in water are very good. Since all ligaments stretch during pregnancy in preparation for birth and the body is well supported by the water during aqua fitness, injuries to the ligaments are almost impossible. In addition, swimming has a positive effect on possible edema, which is common during pregnancy. Exercise in water is therefore one of the best sports you can do during this period.

To exert oneself without stressing the child is the trick. Sports that are easy on the joints, such as walking, Nordic walking, hiking or cycling, are beneficial for both mother and child. Our latest endurance equipment is ideal for this. Healthy pregnant women can do such endurance sports for a long time. If they control their pulse and don't get out of breath in the process, all the better.

Strengthening exercises, flexibility exercises and gymnastics strengthen the musculoskeletal system and prevent back pain in particular.

Yoga, strengthens the muscles, certain relaxation techniques can be practiced with it and breathing is also practiced optimally here.

However, a well-dosed sport influences the course of pregnancy positively in many ways - whether as a prophylaxis against gestational diabetes, to improve the general well-being or to prevent excessive weight gain.

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