Whether you're just starting to work out or have been active for a long time, the following reasons will help you stick with it even better and make even more sense of your training plan or workout. Fitness lovers actually have it a lot easier in life than sports slackers.

Lots of


The training will help you through the increased physical
and of course also the sporty optics to a better and better self-confidence. Self-confident people have a better appearance everywhere, people like to meet them and trust them more easily than insecure people. The workout truly helps you psychologically to a better quality of life.


Through your improved fitness level, your strength and endurance
you are also more active in everyday life and don't get out of breath so quickly? Your fellow men will appreciate that because you are not only able to work for a long time, but you are also very helpful, for example, when others need help carrying heavy things. They will certainly thank you if you use your fitness to help your friends and acquaintances.


If you are fit, you also have better defences because a vital body can protect itself much better against pathogens than a weak one. This is of course a great advantage for yourself, but also for your employer, your colleagues and friends. Because of your vital body, you are less likely to fall ill.

Ambition and

Those who train frequently have already acquired these qualities. It's all about ambition and stamina. These character traits are also particularly helpful on the job. Your discipline in life will definitely inspire your boss. Your appearance alone makes you appear strong and motivated, which is always an advantage.

The optics

Well-tuned and balanced training will naturally improve your appearance. Slim and trained people are considered to be particularly attractive, which will also help you in love matters. But not only in love, but in all areas of life, good-looking people have it easier. People trust them more and prefer to be with them. According to science, this is due to our constant unconscious search for people with whom we could reproduce.

Vital people promise healthy offspring, so we are more attracted to them, even if we are not consciously looking for a new partner:in at the moment. This sounds unfair, but it is biologically determined and cannot be controlled. It is even astonishing that the ideals of beauty are very similar all over the world. The vital body is considered particularly attractive everywhere.


Your workout not only gives you strength and endurance in the physical sense, it also provides a mental balance. The workout takes your mind off things and creates a resting point in your life to which you return again and again. So if you go to the gym after work, you often come back much more relaxed than someone who goes straight home and brings their work worries with them.

Strong feelings can be balanced out well with a strong workout. It helps super against anger or hate, for example, if you really power out. Calm sports, such as yoga, are also known to free you from stressful feelings.


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"The deep and conscious breathing technique in
anti-aging yoga has a rejuvenating effect on the
effect on the person and stretches the intercostal muscles in the chest area."

— Doris Kemptner | Yoga Teacher & Nutritionist

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