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Striking the Balance between Body and Mind


In 2020, one topic takes center stage: the Body-Mind Balance. This concept encompasses every facet of life, from work to leisure and exercise. Our lives have become increasingly multifaceted over the years; we are constantly reachable, measure our achievements digitally in all spheres, and seek guidance on perfect nutrition or the path to a six-pack. And, of course, everything is documented online. This, however, translates to one thing above all: stress! The pressure to constantly be perfect and active disrupts our equilibrium. Therefore, in 2020, it's time to hit the brakes and reconnect with ourselves.

What truly adds value to your life, and what can you do without? What genuinely makes you feel good? These are not easy questions to answer and require tranquility for contemplation. Digital detox, simplification, and embracing authenticity are on the agenda. Who are you without digital devices, without posing for the next photo? Perhaps you'll rediscover a sense of relaxation.

Embrace Digital Detox

Digital detox has become a hot topic as the constant accessibility drains us. It doesn't mean you have to fully relinquish smartphones and digital tools. Rather, it's about setting limits for yourself—defining specific times or moments in your daily routine when you can disconnect. Turning off your smartphone and being temporarily unreachable might prove challenging initially. The thought might stress you, but in the long run, you'll gain more tranquility and the opportunity to think and relax undisturbed. Do you really need to track every step and exercise? Be a little more at ease and focus on the essentials: your body and your mind—this approach can enhance your fitness experience as well.

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Adjust Your Expectations

Those who aim for too much often end up achieving nothing. Setting overly ambitious goals can lead to frustration and, in some cases, giving up altogether. Don't impose excessively strict targets on your fitness journey. The purpose of fitness training is to make you stronger, more vital, and to enhance your body awareness. Whether you're 10 kg up or down won't fundamentally change that. What's crucial is that you stay committed, as regular exercise offers you a counterbalance to work life and provides the energy you need. Utilize your time in the fitness club deliberately to concentrate solely on yourself and your body—allow yourself to unwind. This time is yours!

Learn to Say No

Are you someone who strives to please everyone and constantly aims to present the best version of yourself? Let go of this approach. The inner unrest tied to the constant need to accomplish everything can be draining. Learn to say no, leave stress behind, and treat yourself to a relaxing bath. You'll discover how liberating it can be not to perpetually pursue perfection. This doesn't imply being sloppy or careless. Rather, it means consciously drawing boundaries—acknowledging that something can be good even if it's not perfect—and saying no when you're invited out but really need some downtime on the couch.

Focus on yourself and embrace the fact that not everything will always go smoothly. That's perfectly fine—everyone experiences this. What truly matters is how you handle it. Happiness is a choice.

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Adhere to Set Times

Stick to rough schedules. For instance, go to the gym, sleep, or take a stroll at the same time each day. This cultivates tranquility and certainty, allowing your body to adjust to your routine. Regularity inherently enhances your Body-Mind Balance. A balanced and consistent diet also contributes to greater equilibrium, keeping you mentally and physically fit.

Restoring Body Balance

Inner restlessness often manifests physically. Everyone has their weak point, which becomes evident under stress. Some experience headaches, while others suffer from digestive issues. The classic is, of course, neck tension. Combat these physical manifestations of inner unrest with movement. Our experienced fitness trainers are more than willing to guide you in choosing the right exercises or classes. Our Yoga sessions, for instance, effectively guide you toward self-concentration and body healing. Consistent training of your back, abdominal, and chest muscles also bolsters your core strength and prevents tension.

Make sure not to compare yourself to others; stay within yourself and accept your performance. Sometimes you're stronger, sometimes weaker—this is normal. Still, you can be ambitious. A massage after your workout can further elevate your well-being. A visit to the sauna is also an option to conclude your training. This way, you'll head home feeling relaxed, and your Body-Mind Balance will be restored.

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