Our professional Tips for losing weight.   

Many people come to us with the desire to lose weight quickly, that is, to burn as many calories as possible in a short time. A little less hip fat, a flatter belly and tighter thighs can not be achieved in an instant, but with targeted exercises it goes fast and you can see the effects in the mirror in a short time.

It's best to make your workout a mix of cardio and strength exercises. This way you burn calories quickly during the cardio workout and in the long term by building muscle. Don't take long breaks to keep your circulation going and fat burning at a high level for the long term. Schedule about 3-4 intense sessions per week so you can see results quickly.

1. Goal and Training Plan

Define clear goals and follow them with the help of your training plan. It is important to pay attention to the periodization, training frequency and intensity of the training.

2. Correct Execution Of The Exercise 

Only by performing the exercise correctly can the muscle be optimally trained and injuries caused by improper execution be prevented.

Tip by the way: Train with partner

3. Nutrition

Design food intake so that it correlates with the chosen goals - for example, give special preference to protein foods during training phases and eat foods rich in vitamins and nutrients.

4. Regenetration

The muscle does not grow during training, but during the regeneration periods in between. So you should give the body at least 48 hours before training the same muscle again.

5. Gradual progression

Regularly checking the power level and then adjusting the intensities guarantee that the muscle is exposed to a stimulus that is effective for training.


To train properly, you need know-how and clearly set goals: A personal trainer will create a customized training plan for you, specifically tailored to your individual goals. He or she will explain to you how to perform your exercises correctly, how many repetitions are necessary, and prevent you from making training mistakes. He can also help you with important tips about nutrition.

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