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by John Harris Fitness

The weather outside is getting nicer, temperatures are rising steadily, and clothing is becoming skimpier. For many, however, this fact brings more stress than joy. Once again, not enough exercise was done during the winter, too much unhealthy food was consumed, and now the consequences are being felt as last season's favorite mini skirt no longer fits. The solution is obvious but often not so simple: losing weight. Especially in spring, many tend to want to shed those extra pounds. However, often the diet and exercise program yield results that are not even close to what was expected. There could be many reasons for this, and to spare you from frustration during your weight loss journey, we're sharing the 5 biggest weight loss mistakes – so you can avoid them.

#1 Stress While Losing Weight

You've decided to lose weight. You want to fit into your sexy mini skirt again... and you want it by the day after tomorrow. It's great that you're motivated, but unrealistic goals and stress during weight loss are ultimately counterproductive in the long run. The goal of weight reduction is to improve your body image and feel comfortable in your own skin. However, if you put yourself under pressure from the beginning, you'll never reach this ideal state, as your diet will be marked by constant failure and unmet goals. So, take your time – good things take time. You need to view your body and mind as a team, both striving for the same goal, and you shouldn't let them work against each other.

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#2 Daily Weighing

Don't put yourself through this! For many, stepping on the scale daily is part of their morning routine. However, during a weight loss phase, this should be avoided. Body weight constantly fluctuates depending on factors like hormone levels, hydration, time of day, and more. This means that according to your scale, you might have "gained" a kilo overnight for inexplicable reasons. The only thing you'll gain from this distorted value is frustration, and that's demotivating. Additionally, when you significantly increase your exercise routine, you might initially gain weight as muscles weigh more than fat. If you can't resist checking your weight, we recommend doing it once a week at the same time of day.

#3 Skipping Meals

The "easiest" way to lose weight often seems to be restricting food intake. However, this lowers your blood sugar level and increases the likelihood of cravings, leaving you feeling weak and drained. This naturally leads to a negative body image, which doesn't favor a successful diet. If you then return to a normal eating pattern, i.e., no more skipping meals, it's easy to regain all the weight you lost, rendering your sacrifice pointless. Furthermore, combine a balanced diet with an adequate exercise program; after all, exercise requires energy. Only by doing so will you achieve your summer dream body sustainably.

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#4 Upset

So, you couldn't resist having a chocolate bar after lunch. So what?! The world won't end, and you won't gain weight from consuming those extra calories immediately. The only thing you need to be mindful of in such situations is not regretting treating yourself occasionally. Feeling upset only makes you feel bad, so occasionally be forgiving of yourself. If you can't fit in your evening workout because the day at the office was just too draining – it's okay, as long as it doesn't become a routine. Positive mind equals a positive body.

#5 Wrong Amount of Exercise 

It's not right to solely focus the success of your diet on nutrition while neglecting exercise, nor is it right to engage in excessive physical activity. Starving might lead to short-term successes but has a long-term impact on your mood. However, constantly pushing yourself to the physical limit is also unsustainable. Therefore, find a middle ground, engage in regular exercise, and allow yourself moments of rest. Classes are great for this purpose as they occur on specific days at fixed times.

By avoiding these weight loss mistakes and staying committed, nothing will stand in the way of your bikini body. What's most important is not to be discouraged by setbacks; failures are just as much a part of the journey as successes. So, go ahead and tackle the challenge with determination – success is yours to achieve!

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