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In the Inbody body composition analysis, age, weight and body composition are evaluated. The analysis then serves as the basis for your customized training plan. Whether before creating your training plan or as a review of your training progress after a certain period of time, a body composition measurement will help you achieve your goals.

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How much
body fat
do I have?

  • FitQuest - professional 2-in-1 analyser for body fat measurement by means of bio-impedance analysis and for analysis of various athletic parameters, such as jumping strength, balance, speed etc.
  • With the Inbody 970 you can measure your body fat percentage very precisely. This way you can see right away how far you are from your goal and which parts of your body you should work on in particular. The DXA Body-scan is used to accurately determine (quantify) body tissue composition and is the gold standard worldwide for direct analysis of fat, muscle and bone mass.

     Measured is your:

  • Fat percentage
  • Water percentage
  • Muscle percentage
  • Muscle balance
  • Fat percentage
  • Water percentage
  • Muscle percentage
  • Muscle balance

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