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by John Harris Fitness

John Harris stands for fitness, health, and lifestyle. Our aim is to ensure that you feel completely comfortable and have control over your life. Recently, the term "work-life balance" has been used to define the quality of our lives. We want to explain why this term should be replaced with a new model and how you can make the most out of your life. In our Medical Spa, we are here to advise you if you want to reorganize your life or if you feel out of balance and want to set new priorities. Learn how to harmonize job, health, fitness, household, family, social life, and hobbies.

  • When you ponder about your work-life balance, it implies that work and life are two separate realms for you. This strict separation often leads to feelings of sacrifice and dissatisfaction. Reflect on why your job isn't fulfilling enough and what you can change. Work is a part of life. The key to success is not to minimize this aspect but to accept and optimize it as a significant part of your life. Sometimes, the best work ideas come to you at home, and work projects might inspire exciting leisure activities. Greater quality arises from a relaxed approach to work-life balance and a holistic, connecting life concept.

  • Integrate different life areas. This saves time and enhances overall satisfaction. For instance, exercise with friends regularly. This way, neither your social life nor your fitness suffers. Involve your family in your hobbies or household chores. Focus on healthy nutrition during work to feel less drained in the evenings.

  • Take time to reflect on your current life. Sit down with pen and paper, and outline the areas that matter to you in life. Note which life aspects are currently part of your routine, what you'd like to add, and what you could do without.

  • Organize your routines, but don't set too many goals to avoid stress. Learn from your experiences and allow yourself an occasional break before rushing from appointment to appointment.

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  • Schedule fixed times for yourself. You don't always have to be productive. Taking time for yourself is essential. Don't feel guilty or selfish about it. On the contrary, this quality time helps you relax and subsequently tackle new challenges with a fresh perspective.

  • Physical activity is beneficial for clearing your mind. Your entire body gets activated. This not only helps you stay fit and prevent backaches from office jobs but also sparks new ideas. Try it out when you're feeling stuck.

  • Tackle unpleasant tasks first to get them done. Whether it's work-related or for leisure, there are tasks that need to be done but aren't enjoyable. Addressing them right away allows you to cross them off your mental to-do list, and they won't burden you later when you're already fatigued. For example, consider tidying up at home in the morning, so you don't have a pile of chores waiting for you when you get home in the evening.

  • Consciously enjoy your leisure time. Consider what brings you joy and how you can introduce variety without overwhelming yourself. It's not about how much leisure time you have, but about the quality you bring to that time.

  • Incorporate a short workout after work to unwind. For some, yoga is the perfect choice in this situation, while others find relaxation in intense strength training. Especially if your daytime activities are mentally taxing, focusing on your body afterward helps strike a balance.

  • Break tasks into steps and avoid procrastination. This prevents unnecessary stress. Some tasks can be prepared when there's less to do. Later on, you'll be glad to have already accomplished them.

Start by considering your life areas as part of a whole. Fulfillment can be found in all aspects of life. A positive attitude is crucial to overcome biases such as the "demanding job" and the "difficult boss," as well as the always "joyful leisure time." Learn to bring greater quality to all areas of your life.

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