Due to the currently valid Youth Protection Act, training for young people is only permitted from the age of 16. From this point on, training is possible without restrictions (except for the use of the solarium - only from 18 years!). Until the age of 18, a declaration of consent from the legal guardian is also required.

Of course there is the possibility to do a trial training in our fitness studios. Please note, however, that in the course of the trial training a day ticket must be purchased. The cost of the day pass will of course be refunded to you when you sign up for a membership.

Every membership includes a training session with one of our highly qualified trainers. After a detailed anamnesis discussion, he will create a training plan tailored to you, which will lead you to your personal success.

In addition to the anamnesis interview by the trainer, we recommend a preliminary medical examination in our adjacent medical centers. In this way, certain weaknesses can be discovered immediately and counteracted in the course of the training.

Of course you have the possibility to arrange personal trainings with our highly qualified trainers. Personal trainings are available at any time, either to accompany you during your training or to create a new training plan for you.

If you would like to arrange a personal or private training, our reception or the trainer "on the floor" is always at your disposal.

For the majority of our classes, you don't have to register separately. We plan our Group Fitness rooms very generously, which is why overcrowding does not occur in most cases. Also, the wide range of classes rarely leads to overcrowded classes. Of course, in a few cases, there are sessions that require advance registration. These classes are usually spinning classes, due to the limited number of spinning bikes available. So if you need to register for an hour or class, it will be clearly marked in the respective clubs.

All Group Fitness classes and aerobics classes are included in your membership. Exceptions, for example, admissions or special offers, will always be announced on the current Group Fitness schedule. Announcements can always be found on our homepage at the respective Group Fitness classes or directly at your John Harris Fitness location.

You determine the benefits of your membership when you choose your starter package and the type of membership that suits you.

For a standard membership, these benefits include:

  • Access to your John Harris Fitness Center during business hours.
  • Use of the entire wellness area
  • Use of all offered fitness classes and aerobic lessons

Of course, it is possible to use our facilities without a fixed membership. For this purpose, there is the possibility to buy a day pass or a monthly pass. This option is ideal for our hotel guests and business travelers to enjoy quality training.

Detailed information can be obtained from the customer service or at the reception of the respective club.

Please do not forget your official photo ID (passport, driver's license, etc.) during your visit!

We offer some memberships that allow you to work out at all of our gyms. This gives you full variety and allows you to use our locations even when visiting other states.

For detailed information, please contact our customer service at our locations.

A currently valid official photo ID is absolutely necessary for the conclusion of a contract. For students, we recommend bringing a confirmation of study.

We offer the possibility to pay your monthly club fee by direct debit. In this case, please also have your bank details (e.g. ATM card) ready.

Of course, you can transfer your membership to another location. For example, if you move, you can simply change your John Harris fitness center. To do this, simply let your new club know that you would like to transfer an existing membership. Please have your photo ID ready in this case as well. Please also note that transferring your membership may mean a different club fee (depending on the variety of services offered by the clubs).

Have you already thought about upgrading your membership to be able to train in several clubs? Please contact the customer service department of your current club.

Our contracts are concluded to the last day of each month with a notice period of two months. To cancel your membership, written notice (by email or mail) is required. For more detailed information, please contact our customer service department at your John Harris Fitness Club.

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