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Fitness Gadgets - Complementary Training Tools

by John Harris Fitness

Fitness technology has come a long way and can no longer be ignored. From smartwatches to smart drinking, there's a wide range of intelligent fitness gadgets available to help you maximize your potential as an athlete. With advanced technology, you can analyze every aspect of your training performance and your body, thereby stabilizing your strengths and improving your weaknesses.

Sometimes reaching your fitness goals isn't easy, especially when you have to consider optimizing aspects like hydration, heart rate, calorie intake, and other data. Smart fitness gadgets can assist you in achieving your goals, improving your health, and reaching your desired level of athleticism. While fitness gadgets won't do the workout for you, they can be great motivators to propel you towards better shape.

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Fitness trackers are an absolute must-have gadget for all sports enthusiasts in 2019. These smart fitness bands display training progress via apps and help you get fit for the summer. Whether you're at the gym, running, cycling, or swimming, these smart trackers display key data such as heart rate, calorie burn, distance covered, lap times, and more on your display. Brands like Garmin, Polar, Fitbit, Samsung, and Apple Watch are among the most popular fitness trackers.

Sleep Tracker

Sleep is one of the most crucial factors for recovery, as numerous building and repair processes occur unnoticed while you sleep at night. While a personal sleep tracker won't magically recover all your missing sleep, it can provide insights into improving your sleep quality in the future.

Sleep trackers monitor aspects such as falling asleep, sleep phases (light, deep, and REM sleep), and waking up. They measure movement, heart rate, and respiratory rate. Nowadays, many fitness trackers (e.g., Fitbit) and smartphones also include sleep tracking features.

Smart Drinking

Did you know that water is essential for kidney and other bodily functions? Daily water intake varies from person to person, with an average recommendation of 3.7 liters for men and 2.7 liters for women. This is where the Smart Bottle (e.g., Ozmo Active) comes into play. This bottle measures your fluid intake and calculates recommended intake based on your personal data. This means that if you sweat frequently, you'll need more water than when you're not exercising.

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Smart Scale

Modern technology aims to simplify our lives, even in the sensitive area of body weight measurement. From manual scales to digital ones, and now the trend of so-called smart scales. These scales can connect to smartphones via Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth. They're incredibly useful for analyzing your progress during dietary changes and simultaneous exercise. Most models can measure not only weight but also metrics like body fat, muscle mass, bone density, and BMI.

Skulpt Performance Training System

Skulpt offers a remarkable tracker that provides detailed statistics about your activity and fitness. It can measure body fat percentage in 24 different areas of your body and perform an in-depth muscle analysis. Moreover, Skulpt can offer tips and training guidance to help you build more muscle, increase strength, or burn fat effectively.

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Smart Recovery

Smart technology also plays a role in the recovery phase. Structured and smooth foam rollers have been on the market for a while, helping athletes and hobbyists alleviate muscle soreness. However, a subset of foam rollers has emerged – vibrating foam rollers. These combine vibration therapy with deep fascial massage. Studies have shown that vibrating foam rollers exhibit increased pain resistance, quicker recovery time, and larger range of motion compared to regular rollers.

The Theragun comes as close to a torture device as a fitness tool can get. This brand offers professional therapy devices that function as fast-moving, targeted foam rollers. It can be just as painful as regular foam rollers or deep tissue massages, as it essentially performs the same function but more efficiently. The Theragun is designed to relieve muscle tension, break up scar tissue, and improve blood flow. This tool was mainly developed for athletes, physiotherapists, and fitness professionals.

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