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Hatha Yoga – Good for body and soul

Yoga is very much trending. It not only promises balance and vitality, but also effectively promotes better health and soothingly engages the whole body.

No more distractions

The most widespread type of yoga in the West is Hatha Yoga, which combines classical yoga postures with targeted breathing exercises. The aim is for the body and mind to become less distracted. It heavily focuses on the here and now.


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Breathing exercises in the foreground

Important in Hatha Yoga are the “five pillars”. These include the physical exercises (Asanas), the breathing exercises (Pranayamas), deep relaxation (Shavasana), proper nutrition as well as positive thinking and meditation.

The breathing exercises are particularly important here: conscious breathing regulates the rhythm of breathing, increases the depth of breathing and lowers the heart rate. This leads to improved ventilation and cleansing of the lungs and airways, and thus to improved oxygen intake. This also ensures an optimal oxygen supply to the body. More oxygen in the brain means an increased ability to concentrate, with a simultaneous feeling of self-confidence and relaxation. The reduced heart rate further supports this relaxation effect.

Aids Circulation and Muscle Fortification

The profound health impact of yoga resonates vibrantly. Continuous oscillations between muscular tension and relaxation cascade into improved blood circulation and targeted muscular development. Insomnia, back discomfort, headaches, and hypertension all find solace in the folds of yoga's embrace, relinquishing their hold. Even the hours dedicated to repose experience an elevation in quality.

With each cycle of yoga sequences, the accumulative effects magnify, inviting comprehensive relaxation into your existence.


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An Open Path, Ideal for Novices

Hatha Yoga extends its invitation universally. Novices are greeted warmly, as exercises seamlessly adjust to varying skill levels. It's imperative, however, to initiate your journey under the wing of an adept guide. Missteps are a possibility, potentially impeding the fruition of positive outcomes. Find your sanctuary in John Harris fitness studios, where a plethora of suitable courses awaits. Embrace the start of your yoga voyage in unparalleled style, every Monday offering the unparalleled allure of a yoga session on the rooftop terrace of Vienna's DC Tower – the pinnacle of the city's skyline. Committed and proficient guidance awaits to ensure your yoga journey commences flawlessly.

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