TRX: Full-Body Training with Your Own Body Weight

by John Harris Fitness

As diverse as this workout is, the range of muscle groups it targets is equally extensive. Non-elastic straps, utilized while swinging, lying down, or standing, sculpt the dream figure – all without external weights. Besides strengthening the entire musculoskeletal system, engaging interconnected muscle chains enhances balance and coordination.

What is TRX Exactly?

In addition to your own body, the training device in this workout is an inelastic strap system, either suspended from the ceiling or mounted on a structure, allowing it to hang freely. Therefore, ample open space is needed around it. Each strap is adjustable in length and has a loop at the end that serves as a grip in many exercises. This type of training was originally developed by US soldiers who required efficient training with minimal equipment to stay fit.

The training position in TRX can vary significantly due to the versatile device. The strap system enables over 300 different exercises to be performed. Your own body weight serves as the sole counterbalance.

Artist: Matthew Jejune

Ideal Training for All Levels

In TRX training, exercises can be performed at various difficulty levels. The athlete can easily decide how easy or challenging they want to make the workout. Shifting your body weight and therefore your center of gravity, for example, further back during certain exercises also intensifies the training effect.

This autonomy makes TRX training perfect for beginners or as optimal rehabilitation after a sports injury.

Advantages of TRX Training

Few workouts emphasize body coordination as much as TRX does. You'll clearly recognize which exercises come naturally to you and which demand a lot of energy. You can use this knowledge to focus more on body regions or exercises that are challenging for you. This ensures that you evenly train your entire body and balance muscular imbalances.

The focus of TRX training is on improving inter- and intramuscular coordination. Your body is trained uniformly, requiring muscles to work in perfect harmony. This also benefits your daily life, making you more agile and dexterous, while combating tensions arising from muscular imbalances. Back pain can be alleviated, and your overall fitness improved sustainably.

Rapid Success Guaranteed

Due to the high vitality and intensity of the movements, TRX training allows for a full-body workout in a short time. In just 20 minutes, you can achieve maximum results. Your muscles are effectively built, and fat burning is at its peak. This makes TRX training a perfect complement to traditional strength training. It's best to integrate it into your workout routine immediately. This quick and intense workout is also ideal for those with limited time for training.

With an enormous variety of exercises, there's certainly something suitable for every athlete and muscle group. To achieve maximum results, exercises must be executed precisely and correctly. Feel free to drop by – our coaches are more than happy to assist and show you the correct techniques. Nothing stands in the way of this power training, from which you'll soon observe the first results.

Even Miss Austria 2016 (Dragana Stankovic) and Miss Universe Austria 2016 (Dajana Dzinic) swear by TRX training.

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