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Diversity in Fitness Training

by John Harris Fitness

Diversity enriches, even in fitness training, which is why it's one of the trends in 2020. People are no longer satisfied with ordinary machine-based workouts. Both body and mind should be engaged, trained, and enriched in diverse ways. The fitness studio becomes a place of rejuvenation, and the offerings should be as diverse as possible. It should promote both physical and mental fitness, offering both exertion and relaxation.

At John Harris, this approach is far from new. For many years, we've been providing our customers with much more than just fitness training, from nutritional counseling to massages and saunas. You can choose from numerous tried-and-true and modern classes or train on your own. This way, you'll find a holistic concept for your personal well-being and physical fitness.

Simultaneous Strength and Endurance Training

In a world where time is limited, and we want to train efficiently and experience as much as possible, combination courses of strength and endurance training are becoming increasingly popular. These often involve combining multiple sports, which allows you to reap the benefits from different areas. "Total body" workouts, like "John Harris HIIT," combine strength and endurance training in a 30-minute session. Circuit training is also highly recommended.

For those who want to simultaneously engage body and mind, the perfect program is found in Yogalates. Our diverse yoga variations ensure even yoga skeptics can find a suitable option. Give it a try!

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Training and Relaxation

Tension and relaxation are inseparable for us. After your workout, you have the option to relax with a massage, in the sauna, or in the pool. If you only go to the gym for your workout, you're missing a crucial factor for the perfect training experience – the cool-down and relaxation program. A sauna visit or massage can actually improve your training results and alleviate muscle soreness. What's best for you after your training is individual, and our experts are here to guide you.

The Training Experience from Start to Finish

Your training begins with a warm-up. You can choose a light cardio session or start your exercises with lower intensity and then increase as you warm up.

After that, you dive into your workout. Whether in a group or alone, it's your choice if you prefer to target specific body parts or engage your entire body.

Don't forget the cool-down after your training. You can use a yoga session, for example, to wind down and focus on your mind and body. After training, take a shower and allow your body to gradually cool down. About 30 minutes after training, a sauna session can be relaxing and even performance-enhancing for athletes. A post-training massage can also relax and loosen your muscles. This way, you'll leave the gym feeling fit and relaxed after your workout.

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Variety in Training Makes a Difference

To achieve sustainable results, incorporating variety into your training is essential. When things become monotonous, motivation tends to wane. Your muscles and cardiovascular system adapt to repetitive movements and intensities, which can stall progress. Every 6-8 weeks, you should introduce new stimuli to challenge your muscles. This approach keeps both muscles and mind engaged.

Diversity in fitness training helps you achieve long-term goals and enjoy your workouts. Be creative and turn your visit to the fitness studio into an experience!


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