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Tips for Overcoming the Inner Demons of Laziness


From the moment you wake up in the morning, feeling more drained than rested, to the overwhelming workload at your job, and to top it all off, the laundry isn't going to magically wash itself – and now you're expected to hit the gym too?! Days like these are a lure for the well-known inner laziness that almost everyone has wrestled with at some point. No wonder, as the temptation to cozy up with a bag of chips on the couch after a tiring day is often irresistible.

When tired, the thought of relaxing in front of the TV is much more appealing than sweating it out on the elliptical. But in the end, the movie night turns out to be only half as enjoyable, as the guilt of skipping the gym creeps in. And who's to blame? Of course, the inner laziness. You can find the best tips to combat it in this blog post – after all, summer is just around the corner.

Planning & Habits

Planning is half the battle – as our teachers used to tell us, it proves itself once again in the fight against inner laziness. For instance, committing to two specific days per week for exercise already accomplishes a lot. However, you must treat this commitment as non-negotiable, so that the evening fatigue after work doesn't become a workout killer. What facilitates this step are structured activities, such as classes. These take place on fixed weekdays at specific times, turning into a weekly routine.


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Which brings us to the next point: habits. Starting out is always the hardest. Once this hurdle is overcome and your body is accustomed to physical activity, overcoming it becomes easier too. After all, exercise pays off even on days when you're feeling tired and sluggish, as the sense of pride and satisfaction from completing the workout isn't the only reward – you also feel more active and invigorated.

Bonus Tip: Get yourself a workout buddy! Bailing on a friend adds an extra barrier, and this way you can outsmart your inner laziness. Plus, it naturally increases the fun factor.

Always keep a clear goal in mind; that way, you know what you're working towards and why it's worth defeating the inner laziness. However, it's crucial that your goal isn't too vague – avoid something like "getting fitter." Instead, lean towards a goal like "fitting into my old favorite jeans again." This is more precise and offers a clear outcome. Also, ensure that your goal isn't unrealistic, as there's nothing more demotivating than consistent failure.

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Stay Positive

Don't let yourself be discouraged if the laziness wins once in a while – that's part of the journey too. Just don't give in regularly and fall out of your exercise routine. As motivation, write down a mantra that you can repeat whenever you're not in the mood for exercise. Here too, focus on positive wording, such as "after a workout, I feel better and have done something good for both my body and mind."

If you implement these tips, nothing will stand in the way of your springtime workout, and your dream physique won't be a distant goal either. It's important to remain focused and consistent while also forgiving yourself on the occasional day when the allure of the couch wins you over.

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