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Swimming: The All-Rounder for Training


Summer is approaching rapidly, and with it comes the urge to align one's physical activity accordingly. One of the most summery sports is undoubtedly swimming. However, you'll realize, especially after reading this blog post, that behind this water sport lies a powerhouse in the battle against excess weight, offering many more benefits. We've summarized why you should consider shifting your fitness routine to the refreshing waters on a regular basis.


No time for training? That excuse doesn't hold up when it comes to swimming, as just half an hour of continuous swimming gives you a substantial workout. If your path leads you to the pool for laps instead of the weight bench, you'll find that swimming engages all muscle groups simultaneously, making you progress much faster. So, motivate yourself for your swimming workout – you'll be surprised how quickly the session flies by!

Full-Body Workout

One of the most significant advantages over other cardio workouts is swimming's full-body training effect. Unlike jogging or cycling, all muscle groups are engaged during swimming due to the fluid motions. Arms, legs, and core are equally trained.


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Calorie Burning

Even the least demanding swimming style, like breaststroke, leads to a significant calorie burn. Around 450 kcal are burned in an hour of swimming. This number increases even more with the butterfly stroke, for example. To put it into perspective: Cycling burns about 400 kcal and running burns 500 kcal in the same amount of time. Swimming, therefore, stands as an effective alternative to other endurance sports.


Since water supports only about a tenth of your body weight, swimming is extremely gentle on the joints. In an era where many complain about sore limbs and joints, swimming allows for physical activity without excessive strain. Furthermore, the risk of injury is extremely low.

Tip: Warming up and stretching before swimming reduces the chance of sustaining an injury during the session even further.


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Heart-Circulatory System

Swimming is a gentle and low-impact form of cardio training, making it suitable for pregnant individuals, older adults, or those recovering from injuries. Increased circulation due to swimming promotes healthier blood pressure and an invigorated circulatory system, enhancing overall vitality.

Psychological Benefits

Studies have also revealed that swimming effectively reduces stress and leaves most individuals feeling refreshed and revitalized after a session in the cool waters. So, not only does your health benefit from swimming sessions, but your overall well-being as well.

The only downside often associated with swimming is the cost. Visiting a swimming pool can be comparably expensive. However, with John Harris Fitness, even this minor negative aspect is eliminated, as our fitness studios provide pools where you can hone your swimming skills. So, what are you waiting for? Give your body various forms of goodness and take the plunge into the water – it will be worth it!

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