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by John harris Fitness

In recent years, it has gained significant popularity: fascia training. Everywhere you look, there are fascia rollers, offers for fascia massages, and more. But what can it really do, and what is it good for? We'll clarify that in today's post.

What are Fascia?

Fascia, often known as connective tissue, are an intricate network of collagen fibers, fibroblasts, and numerous other cells that permeate the entire body. They constitute the largest sensory organ in the human body. The fascial structure encompasses far more than the "common knowledge" most have about connective tissue. In addition to its support and connective function, it acts as a sensory organ for self-perception and a conduit and communication system for several metabolic processes.

Additionally, fascia serve as energy reservoirs and aid in muscle function. During movements, fascia respond like a sponge. They get compressed during tension and soak up fluids during the release phase. This process facilitates the exchange of nutrients through the connective tissue.

Fascial Adhesions

Sustained stress and lack of movement cause the fascia to contract, leading to adhesions that trigger pain and tension. Lymphatic vessels flow through the fascia. Prolonged tension or insufficient movement can result in lymphatic congestion. This can cause fibrinogen to turn into fibrin, which acts like a "glue." As a result, the surrounding fascial tissue becomes adhered. The outcome: reduced muscle flexibility and mobility. Over time, this can lead to tension, pain, or even chronic back issues.

The good news is that fascia can be influenced and trained. With targeted training, you can keep your fascia fit and strong.

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