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Water-Based Training


Water-based training stands as a leading trend in the fitness industry. However, it's no longer confined to swimming alone. Aqua sports are more than just joint-friendly; they're also effective calorie burners. Our studios offer a range of classes conducted in the water.


Exercising in water offers several advantages, particularly for individuals restricted from running or weight training. Swimming and water-based sports are gentle on the joints, making them suitable even for those with physical limitations. Beyond sparing the joints, this training also relieves pressure on ligaments, tendons, and the spine. These benefits are widely employed in rehabilitation.

Research shows that training in water, with its unique physical properties, serves as an ideal medium for improving endurance, strength, and flexibility. Water's density creates heightened resistance and increased muscle engagement.

In warm water, additional benefits include improved circulation in the skin and tissues. This can be particularly advantageous for individuals with back issues. Constant minor turbulence in water also engages deep muscle groups, especially those responsible for maintaining an upright posture. The optimal water temperature for this purpose ranges from 32°C to 34°C.

Aqua Fitness

Aqua fitness refers to fitness training conducted in water. Despite being sometimes associated with sluggishness and monotony, it's an opportunity for a vigorous workout. Aqua fitness encompasses exercises ranging from gymnastics to weightlifting.

Aqua fitness classes in our studios energize you and target diverse muscle groups without jeopardizing your joints. This class is particularly suitable for individuals with more weight or those seeking joint-friendly training. It stimulates your circulation and enhances your natural conditioning.

Classes take place in studios equipped with swimming facilities, including Schillerplatz in 1010 Vienna, Margaretenplatz 1050 Vienna, DC Tower in 1220 Vienna, Donaupark Studio in Linz, and Thalia Studio in Graz. Each session lasts 45 minutes and is guided by trained instructors.

Aqua Dance

Dancing in water? Absolutely! At our Donaupark Linz Studio, you can dance in a pool-party atmosphere while shedding calories. Inspired by Latin music, this 45-minute dance-fitness pool party offers a unique and calorie-burning training experience.

Power Aqua

Power Aqua focuses on muscle toning and improving respiratory function. This training not only tones muscles but also enhances endurance, promotes blood circulation, and massages the skin. Just like previous classes, it's gentle on the joints.

Swim Training

Amid discussions of water-based workouts, classic swim training must not be overlooked. Swimming is healthy and keeps you fit. This class allows you to refine or learn new swimming techniques while enjoying nearly weightless movement in the water.

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