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Proper Technique for Weight Lifting


Fitness Basics

Deadlifts, squats, and bench presses are the classics among barbell exercises. These exercises should consist of approximately 3-5 sets with 10-12 repetitions each. There are different approaches based on your current training level. A classic approach involves a set number of consistent repetitions and sets.

However, there are also alternative concepts like the pyramid principle. Here, you vary the repetition numbers and the weight in several sets. In the ascending pyramid, you start with higher repetitions and less weight, then progress to heavier weights with fewer repetitions. With a descending pyramid, you begin with the heaviest weight and fewer repetitions. This way, you apply the strongest stimulus for muscle growth right at the beginning when your strength is at its peak. As a beginner, it's advisable to start with the classic approach. Once you gain more confidence, pyramid training can bring in fresh stimuli.


Before you dive into the weights, thorough warming up and light muscle stretching are essential to prevent injuries. A gentle cardio session, for instance, can be a good starting point. The concern about expending too much energy during warm-up is unwarranted. While you shouldn't exhaust yourself, it's crucial to prepare your entire body for lifting weights. Quick warm-ups can also involve activities like using the treadmill or full-body exercises like push-ups. Pay special attention to activating your core and back muscles, as they are crucial for your stability during weight lifting.



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