Artist: Jose Vazquez

Wake up Yoga: The perfect start to your day

Yoga relaxes and relieves stress. Is that why you like to go to yoga class after work? Imagine you could start the day already relaxed and prevent stress. This is actually possible with our Wake up Yoga classes! Here you can recharge your batteries before work and start your day in a balanced way. With the right exercises you can become alert and awake, mobilize your spine and improve your mobility. Especially in office jobs, where you sit most of the day and may even get back pain, it is ideal to start the day with exercise.

Drawing inspiration from Ayurvedic principles, the ancient Indian healing tradition, embracing a pre-6:00 a.m. start cultivates unparalleled morning freshness and vitality, surpassing a later rise.


The Dawn of Benefits: Morning Yoga Unveiled

  • Fuel your metabolism, kindling it to action.
  • Nurture robust blood circulation, enlivening your being.
  • Sharpen your mind, igniting your alertness and awareness.
  • Propel your circulation into motion, invigorating your whole body.
  • Revitalize your limbs, dispelling the drowsiness of slumber.
  • Embrace a liberated evening: By morning's end, your yoga is complete, freeing up your evenings for other pursuits.
  • Welcome an unburdened mind: Morning's tranquility fosters seamless concentration on your practice, devoid of daily cares.
  • Swiftly solidify a habit: Mornings provide the canvas for routine, unmarred by distractions.


Artist: Marian Mun

Embrace the Sun Salutation

Elevate your mornings with the quintessential sun salutation. This dynamic sequence, offered in myriad variations, comprises 12 sequential asanas. Its rhythmic cadence invigorates both body and mind, adapting to your pace – slow and deliberate or swift and spirited.

Preliminary Steps to Preparing Your Body

As you rise from slumber, gently animate your body in bed. Inhale deeply, infusing life into your frame, and initiate subtle spinal rotations. Stretch expansively, then momentarily settle into a cross-legged pose, alternating stretches to either side. Transitioning to a quadruped stance, flex your spine with a cat-like arch before restoring it to a neutral position.

Liberate yourself from routine; set your alarm clock a touch earlier and usher in the day with morning movement. You'll discover that these early endeavors resonate throughout the day, equipping you with vitality and resilience. Join us for Wake Up Yoga classes, available across our network of clubs.

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