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Wake up Yoga: The perfect start to your day

Yoga relaxes and relieves stress. Is that why you like to go to yoga class after work? Imagine you could start the day already relaxed and prevent stress. This is actually possible with our Wake up Yoga classes! Here you can recharge your batteries before work and start your day in a balanced way. With the right exercises you can become alert and awake, mobilize your spine and improve your mobility. Especially in office jobs, where you sit most of the day and may even get back pain, it is ideal to start the day with exercise.

If you go by the Ayurveda theory – the traditional Indian art of healing – it is best to get up before 6:00 a.m. anyway, as you can start the day fresher at this time than if you got up later.


This is what the morning yoga session brings you

  • Your metabolism is stimulated
  • The blood circulation is promoted
  • Your mind becomes really awake and alert
  • Your circulation gets going
  • Your limbs are mobilized again after the sleep phase
  • You don't have to go into the full evening hours and have already done your yoga session in the morning. So, the evening is free for other activities.
  • More time for quality: the thoughts of the day do not yet burden your mind and you can switch off faster and concentrate on the exercises.
  • A morning workout becomes a habit more quickly because nothing can usually get in the way.
Artist: Marian Mun

The sun salutation

The sun salutation is the ideal exercise to get going in the morning. At the same time, it is also one of the most popular yoga exercises, known in numerous different variations. The sun salutation usually consists of 12 asanas, which are performed one after the other. This sequence invigorates the mind and body and can be performed slowly at first and then faster.

How to prepare your body

Before you leave for your yoga class, mobilize your body while getting up in bed. Breathe deeply and activate your body with slight rotations of the spine. Stretch through, come to a cross-legged position for a moment and stretch to either side. Activate your spine in a quadruped stand by doing a cat hump and then a straight back again.

Just give it a try, set your alarm clock a little earlier and start exercising in the morning. You will see, exercising in the morning will help you to be fit for the day and to cope better with everyday life. Wake up yoga classes are available at most of our clubs.

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