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Goodbye, Cellulite – Fascia Training to the Rescue

by John Harris Fitness

Fascia training is the current trend being touted as a rejuvenating solution for the entire body. But is there any truth to it? Can it truly be the new wonder remedy against unwelcome cellulite?

Not long ago, fascia, the human connective tissue, was largely ignored in fitness training. However, we now understand that connective tissue is vital for our well-being. It's responsible for our flexibility as we age, safeguards tendons and ligaments, and prevents friction in joints. Fascia shields our muscles and joints from injuries, acting as an elastic support structure that's both flexible and strong. Internally, they provide firmness and stability. Over time, though, collagen production in the body diminishes, resulting in tissue sagging and an increased risk of injuries.

We're all familiar with the unsightly external signs of weakened connective tissue: stretch marks, cellulite, and spider veins. Regardless of whether you carry a few extra or fewer pounds, the number of collagen fibers beneath the skin determines the presence of "orange peel" skin, not your weight.

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Adequate Vitamin C and lysine are essential for collagen fiber formation. If the body lacks these, they are primarily used for vital processes, leaving nothing for external firmness. Stimulating new production can be positively influenced by contrast showers or specific massages. However, the right training is crucial to revitalizing your connective tissue.

In our "Dynamic Fascia Fit" class, you'll learn the most effective exercises for your fascia workout, and it's also great fun. Fascia training involves stretching and bouncing movements. It's a holistic approach. The workout can be enhanced using a fascia roller, which can release internal adhesions and tensions while offering new training possibilities.

Fascia researcher Dr. Robert Schleip put it beautifully: "We are as old as our connective tissue." So, let's embark on this rejuvenation journey at one of our clubs.

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