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Swimming: the all-rounder for training

by John Harris Fitness

Summer is quickly approaching and with it the urge to adapt one's sporting activities is growing. One of the most summery sports is swimming. But that water sports are a miracle weapon in the fight against excess kilos, which has many other advantages to offer, will be clear to you at the latest after reading this blog post. Because we have summarized why you should rather shift your sports program into cool water.


No time for training? There's no such excuse when it comes to swimming, because with half an hour of continuous swimming, you've got a proper workout behind you. So if your way leads you to the pool to swim lengths, and not to the weight bench, you will be much faster, because swimming trains all muscle groups at once. So motivate yourself for your swim workout and it'll be over before you even know it!

Full body workout

Probably one of the biggest advantages over other cardio workouts, is the total body training effect that swimming has. Unlike jogging or biking, all muscle groups are used during the workout. Arms, legs and torso are equally trained by the flowing movements.

Calorie burn

The calorie consumption is enormous even in the least strenuous swimming style, breaststroke. Around 450 kcal are burned in one hour of swimming. In the crawl, for example, this number increases by quite a bit.  By comparison, cycling burns about 400 kcal in the same time, and running 500 kcal. Swimming is therefore an effective alternative to other endurance sports.

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Gentle on joints

Since you only weigh a tenth of your own body weight in the water, the sport is extremely easy on your joints. In this day and age, when many people complain about aching limbs and joints, swimming does not mean that you have to completely forego physical activity, and at the same time does something good for your joints. In addition, the risk of injury is extremely low.

Tip: If you warm up before swimming training with stretching etc., the chance of getting an injury during swimming will be even lower.

Good for the cardiovascular system

Because swimming is a low-impact, low-impact way to do cardio, it's also ideal for pregnant women, the elderly, or anyone who wants to get back in shape after an injury. By increasing blood circulation, blood pressure and circulation are revved up, making the entire organism more vital.

The psyche also benefits

Studies have also shown that swimming reduces stress in the long term and that most people feel refreshed and revitalized after spending time in the cool water. So it's not just your health that benefits from a swim session or two, but your overall well-being.

The only downside that swimming often brings is cost. After all, a visit to a swimming pool is often comparatively expensive. But with John Harris, even the last tiny negative aspect falls away, because we have pools for you in our gyms where you can enjoy swimming. So what are you waiting for? Do something good for your body in so many ways and take the plunge, it will pay off!

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