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Lose weight fast: The best exercises

by John harris Fitness

Many people come to us with the desire to lose weight quickly, that is, to burn as many calories as possible in a short time. A little less hip, a flatter belly and tighter thighs can not be achieved in no time, but with targeted exercises it goes fast and you can see the effects in the mirror in a short time. It's best to mix your workout with cardio and strength exercises. This way you will burn calories quickly during the cardio workout and in the long run by building muscle. Don't take long breaks to keep your circulation going and fat burning at a high level for the long term. Plan about 3-4 intensive sessions per week so that you can quickly observe success.

The basics of losing weight

The basic rule for losing weight fast is: To lose weight you have to burn more calories than you take in. Your diet is therefore an important factor that contributes to your success. Of course, you don't have to starve yourself, because if you want to do sports, you also need energy. However, make sure you eat healthy calories. For example, replace white bread with whole grain bread, avoid sodas and fruit juices and drink a glass of water instead. Try to reduce highly sugary products and eat a piece of fruit instead of sweets. The right balance is what counts. You don't have to give up chocolate and fast food completely, but reducing unhealthy foods definitely makes sense. This will make you feel fitter and more balanced in general.

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With these exercises you can lose weight fast


Pull-ups use the whole body and train numerous regions in parallel. This makes them true fat burners. If you can't do classic pull-ups at first, just ask one of our trainers to show you the right exercises until you have built up the strength to do real pull-ups.


This exercise is the perfect all-in-one program. You always do a push-up followed by a stretch jump with as many repetitions as possible. The constant high-low movement puts extra strain on your body and you work out everything in the shortest amount of time.

The Lizard

Get into the supporting position with bent arms and start alternately - without moving the rest of your body - lifting one leg and pulling it towards your elbow. For this exercise, it's best to have a trainer supervise you at the beginning so that you keep your body nice and straight and don't start sagging. This way you're sure to work up a sweat quickly. If you like the workout, you should also try our "crawling" class. Crawling is a great way to burn calories quickly.


Not only has spinning been absolutely trendy for years, it also burns an incredible amount of calories in short intense sessions and is highly recommended if you want to lose weight fast. Our spinning classes make you almost forget the effort with the right music and variety. Together in a group and with the motivation of experienced trainers, the pounds fall off especially fast.

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