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10 tips for a firm butt

by John Harris Fitness

A tight butt is one of the beauty goals of most women, because it makes the figure look curvy and feminine. In America, the butt has become more and more important, because in recent years a real butt hype has broken out. The butt is at least as important for sex appeal as a beautiful chest and a slim waist. But you don't need a plastic surgeon for a crisp and beautifully shaped butt. We can show you how to get great results with the right training methods.

1. stepper or cross trainer

You can achieve quick results on a stepper or cross trainer. Not only do you train your leg and pomus muscles, you also burn a lot of calories. This way, the fat pads disappear into thin air and your butt becomes really firm. So for a warm-up, it's best to get on one of the two machines. For a change you can also use the treadmill. Especially with faster training, the gluteal muscle is well strengthened by the natural form of movement.

2. spinning

If you find it difficult to motivate yourself, then a spinning class is the right choice for you. The trainer pushes you to peak performance and your butt and leg muscles are optimally trained by the different tempos and inclines.

3. abductors/adductors

Equipment for training the abductors are also good for your butt workout. By stretching and tightening the leg, the butt is also trained and your leg muscles can develop harmoniously and completely. After all, you want to have firm legs as well as a firm butt.

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4. lunge

Well-known, but still very effective: the lunge strengthens your legs and buttocks and is very simple to perform. If you have knee problems however, you should avoid this exercise. You simply stand up straight facing forward and then take a step forward and bend your knees. They should be at a 90 degree angle. Make sure that your knees stay straight over the top of your feet and do not protrude beyond them. Hold the position for a few seconds and then push off with your front leg to return to the starting position. Use both sides equally and add dumbbells once you've mastered the exercise. TRX bands can also intensify your exercise.

5. squats

Squats are also ideal classics for your butt workout. It is important to stand shoulder-width apart and have a straight back. For this you should also actively tense your abdominal muscles. Squat deeply by pushing your hips back and stretching your arms forward. Your butt should be only a few inches off the floor in the lowest position. Your knees should remain straight over your toes and should not be pushed out past the tips of your toes in front. Make sure the movement is smooth and continuous, without jerky braking, as this would put unnecessary stress on your knees. If you are good at the exercise, you can increase the intensity by using a barbell. When training with the barbell, also use the variation of front squats, where you hold the barbell in front of your body to be able to go especially deep.

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6. deadlift

Deadlift is definitely not only for men. Hardly any other exercise puts your gluteal muscles under as much tension as this one.

7. lying leg curls

Leg curls while lying down are preferable to those while sitting. Make sure that your hips are well fixed during the exercise, so you train the back of your legs and buttocks.

8. drink water

Dehydration is never an option. Make sure you drink enough during your workout, because if your skin lacks hydration, its firmness and elasticity will also suffer.

9. fascia training

If you suffer from cellulite, then we would like to especially recommend you training with the fascia roller. You can ask a personal trainer or attend a course. The training on the roller tightens the connective tissue and reduces unsightly orange peel skin.

10. massage after training

A massage stimulates blood circulation and promotes regeneration. Especially if you work your muscles so intensively, you should give them the appropriate relaxation after the workout.

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