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Achieve Success Through Dance

by John Harris Fitness

Are you aspiring to shed weight or sculpt your physique? At John Harris Fitness, we present a plethora of options. You have the liberty to exercise independently with our equipment or participate in our diverse range of classes. Finding your preferred sport and maintaining your dedication becomes easy when you enjoy your workouts. For all dance enthusiasts, our clubs offer a variety of dance styles that cater to your desires. From Hip Hop to Modern Dance, Zumba, and oriental dance, we have something for every dancing enthusiast. If you're unsure about your preferred style, don't hesitate to give them all a try. Each of our classes is designed to accommodate newcomers at any point, eliminating the need for any prior expertise. Our instructors ensure that novices and experienced dancers alike are equally engaged.

Hip Hop Reggae

If you have an affinity for Hip Hop, Dancehall, R&B, or Reggaeton, this course is tailor-made for you. If you've ever admired the dancers in contemporary music videos, now is your chance to dive in and experience this style of movement firsthand. You'll engage in an invigorating workout that gets your entire body moving and perspiring. This course not only allows you to expand your dance repertoire, enhance your flexibility, and groove to your favorite tunes but also facilitates weight loss and body sculpting.

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Modern Dance

Modern dance centers on body awareness and organic movement sequences. It places significant emphasis on anatomically accurate movements. Personal expression and emotional engagement while dancing are paramount. Within this course, you'll find yourself deeply immersed in dance, using it as a means to express your emotions. Your fitness and coordination will witness marked improvements.


Zumba, a popular fusion of aerobics and Latin American dances, packs an intense workout that seamlessly melds with the summer season's exotic rhythms. Fitness, coordination, and strength are cultivated on all levels. Notably, the spotlight here is on the joy of movement. Rigid choreographies are nonexistent; instead, each session features new choreographies that harmonize with the music. If you're in search of an empowering workout that also brings a significant fun factor, Zumba is the ideal choice.

Oriental Dance

This workout combines elements of belly dance and dance aerobics, fostering flexibility and introducing a whole new way of utilizing your body. Particularly, your abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles are bolstered. The Oriental Dance Workout empowers you to enhance your body's suppleness through the art of dance.

In summary, if you're seeking to achieve success through fitness and dance, John Harris Fitness is your gateway to a journey filled with invigorating movements, holistic health, and the joys of dancing. Our diverse range of classes guarantees that you'll discover the dance style that resonates with you, and our passionate instructors ensure that every step of your journey is rewarding and satisfying.

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