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Running on the treadmill - this is how you do it right

by John Harris Fitness

No matter what the weather, you run on the treadmill all year round under the same conditions. Whether it's storming outside, snowing or the summer heat makes sports almost impossible, it doesn't matter, because the treadmill always offers the same comfort and makes your training performance  more measurable and balanced. You can also choose and maintain the pace, while outside you have to rely on your feeling. Another advantage is the cushioned running surface on the treadmill, so the joints are relieved. Even strength athletes like to use the treadmill for a full-body warm-up. No matter what the sport, running is always a good way to start your workout. All in all, the treadmill is a great piece of exercise equipment any time of year. There are a few things you should keep in mind, though.

The most common mistakes

  1. too steep incline

On the treadmill, you can customize speed and incline for your entire run. However, many people make the mistake of thinking that only steep inclines or particularly fast speeds will burn a lot of calories. Of course, this is only true if you are already fit enough to do so. If you have to stop at the front when going uphill, you are not ready for it and the effect of the extra incline will be cancelled out. If you are unsure about the correct pace and incline, you can simply ask a trainer.

  1. always keep everything the same

Variety will help you improve your performance and challenge your body in new ways. The same program over and over again without any increase will also stagnate your performance, so it's better to vary it every now and then.

  1. neglect warm-up and cool-down

Before every workout you should warm up to prepare your body properly and also at the end you should come down slowly with a cool-down on the treadmill for about 5 minutes. This will help you avoid injury. Also, please never jump off the treadmill swinging at full speed at the end of the workout, again the risk of injury to your joints is high.

  1. running in the back

Be careful not to fall too far back on the treadmill, as you run the risk of falling off.

  1. hopping

Bouncing is definitely not a part of treadmill training, because constant bouncing puts more stress on your joints. Be careful not to jump too much while running, but rather run flat.

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Tips for treadmill training

  1. use a heart rate monitor

Since treadmill training can be quite demanding and you don't automatically slow down when you run hard, you should keep an eye on your heart rate with a heart rate monitor.

  1. pay attention to your posture

When running, it is not only important to roll your foot correctly, but also your posture. Keep your head up when running! If you slouch while running, you put unnecessary strain on your spine and risk back pain. So it's important to look forward, relax your shoulders down and don't twist your body.

  1. comparison with outdoor running

If you want to directly compare indoor and outdoor performance, it is best to set the treadmill to an incline of 1.5%. This way you will compensate for the difference in movement of the treadmill and possible headwind when running outdoors.

  1. long strides

On the treadmill you tend to take smaller steps. Pay attention to this to make your running style as natural as possible.


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