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No-Gos in Cardio Training

by John Harris Fitness

Whether it's jogging, swimming, cross-training or spinning - cardio is an absolute must that should never be missing from a balanced training plan. It's all about getting the cardiovascular system going and boosting fat burning. However, cardio training also offers a lot of potential for mistakes, which can reduce the effects of your workout and of course this should be avoided. After all, if you're already working out diligently, you want it to pay off.

Training on an empty stomach

Many people believe that working out on an empty stomach burns far more fat than if you ate something beforehand. That may be true, but a car without fuel doesn't run. Working out sober requires a lot more strength because your body lacks energy, and it's not uncommon to feel listless because of it. It is therefore healthier and more effective for your training to have a snack before the workout. For example, you can have fruit or a protein bar. Both will give you enough energy and power to go full throttle during your cardio workout.

Lack of variety

In strength training, most people pay attention to enough variety and, in the best case, focus on certain muscle groups. #legday. Variety is often neglected in cardio training. Twice a week a cardio session should be included in the workout, which is a lot in the long run. The greatest mistake people make here is that one always chooses exactly the same equipment - of course everyone has their preferences. Nevertheless, you should also bring some variety into your workout plan. Over time, the body gets used to the same movements and the required energy expenditure is reduced. So rather surprise your body with always new exercises, cardio offers after all enough training opportunities for varied workouts.

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Not having fun while working out

Of course, you'll have days when you have to overcome your inner badass to motivate yourself to go to the gym - that's quite normal. Basically, though, you shouldn't lose the fun in the process. Often, of course, other goals are in the foreground, such as losing weight or building muscle. Nevertheless, you should not associate your training with negative emotions and consider it more of a duty than a leisure activity and compensation. Because if you don't enjoy it, you won't be able to train as effectively as if you were motivated and happy to do it. We therefore advise you to find sports that you enjoy, especially for your cardio sessions, since workouts have to be done for a longer time. Because if you struggle on the cross trainer and are also in a bad mood, your body and especially your mind will not benefit, because you will always associate your workout with something negative. #lovewhatyoudo

Too little stamina

Especially with cardio workouts, continuity is a very important point. So this means that you should really stick to it regularly and weekly, otherwise your body will wean itself off very quickly. Especially this is often difficult, because cardio training does not lead to a rapid change of the body, which can end in demotivation. But there is one thing you can be sure of: cardio training is good for your body and sooner or later you will see visual results. So perseverance pays off in any case.

If you pay attention to these points, you can make your cardio workout more effective and more intense, which pays off on many levels. So go to the gym and start your next cardio session!

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