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Muscle building - The most common mistakes

by John Harris Fitness

If you're working out over and over again but getting dissapointing results, you're probably worried about why muscle building isn't working for you as quickly as it is for others. We have compiled the most common mistakes that hinder your success. Do you perhaps recognize some of these mistakes from your own workouts?

Now the most common mistakes in muscle building:

Too much training

Yes, you heard right, your lack of progress can be due to the fact that you are training too extensively. Not only do your muscles need a long enough recovery period to build up, training for hours on end only tires you out and doesn't achieve any additional effects. Most of the time it is enough to perform only one set with high intensity. The benefits of HIT training (High Intensity Training) have already been proven in studies. The classic 3-set training you can safely put to rest.

Always the same training

Your muscles adapt to the stimuli you give them. If you always run through the same program, the effect will be almost zero after a short time. Your body already knows the training and sees no reason to produce additional muscle mass. To achieve effects, you must keep your training variable and keep increasing the intensity.

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Exclusively sports nutrition:

Supplements can help you improve your performance. However, you should really consider them as a supplement to your healthy diet and not as a panacea. If you only eat fast food, you won't get anywhere despite good supplements.

Isolated exercises:

Some think to achieve more with very targeted exercises, like biceps curls. However, that's not true because they only affect a small part of the body while the rest is at rest. Holistic exercises, such as squats or pushups affect the entire body and thus help send increased signals for muscle building.

Cardio Focus:

If you're primarily interested in building muscle, your cardio workout should be limited to a light warm-up. This will prepare your body well for the workout, but you won't get tired from it already. If you spend too much time on cardio training, you won't have the necessary power for intensive strength training afterwards. Only if you can fully utilize the power of your muscles, the necessary stimulus for muscle building will be set.


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Small range of motion

Similarly, movements that don't use the full range of motion. You're only cheating yourself if you don't fully perform an exercise.

Abstain from eating after exercise

You think you could get rid of extra fat by starving yourself after a workout? Wrong, exactly in the half hour after the workout you should eat. Because then the body wants to convert glucose into glycogen to build muscle and repair minor injury immediately. If this supply is missing, then not only will muscle soreness occur more quickly, but additional mass cannot be built. In the worst case, an inadequate supply of protein and carbohydrates will even lead to muscle loss rather than muscle gain, as the body processes muscle mass on its own and tries to reduce its energy needs.

Did you recognize some of these mistakes? Then try to avoid them in the future to improve your success in the long term. But don't put too much pressure on yourself, because stress is also counterproductive for muscle building. Nobody's perfect, learn to deal with your weaknesses and try to stick with it after setbacks and continue to work, then the successes will also show.


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