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Dumbbell training-for-beginners

by John Harris Fitness

In most gyms, in addition to varied classes and a variety of equipment available, there is also a wide selection of dumbbells with which to train freely, including at John Harris. This brings many benefits, but if you are a beginner and don't have much experience with dumbbell training, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Because incorrect movement sequences not only inhibit muscle development and reduce the training effect, but in the worst case can also cause lasting damage to the body. So if you are a dumbbell beginner, this blog post is just right for you, because we have summarized what you need to pay attention to, especially at the beginning of dumbbell training.

Number of repetitions & weight for dumbbell training

The physical starting position plays an essential role, because the development of the muscles is an important factor. If the muscles are not yet very trained, it is recommended to start the dumbbell training slowly and carefully. This means that a higher number of repetitions should be completed - but with less weight. This ensures that the exercises can be performed technically correctly, which avoids unintentionally training the wrong muscle groups. The weight should be chosen so that three sets of 15-20 repetitions each can be done with correct execution. For six weeks, regular dumbbell training should be done with the same weight of dumbbells, so you give the body time to build muscle mass and get used to the specific load. After that it is possible to move to heavier weights.

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Posture during dumbbell training

Free weight training may train very specific muscle groups, but you should keep the entire body in mind. Posture in particular plays an important role in this regard because, especially with weights, you tend to arch your back under exertion and leave muscles in other parts of your body loose. A firm stance and a straight back will ensure a toned posture and a workout of the supporting muscles, which will benefit your overall physical well-being and fitness.

Dumbbell training for beginners: general tips

  • To avoid accidents, be sure to grip the dumbbell handle with your entire hand. Your grip should be firm and not slip back and forth. If you have problems with this, we recommend workout gloves.
  • The movements should be performed slowly and carefully, so they are more effective. Also, always make sure that you breathe evenly.
  • Train in front of the mirror! Sounds unconventional, but it helps to check yourself: "Is my back straight? Am I doing the movement smoothly and slowly? Is my stance firm?". These questions and many more, you can answer yourself with the help of a mirror, if you watch your reflection.

All of these tips will help you go from weight training beginner to professional without putting too much stress on your body. Nevertheless, we advise you to consult a local trainer for advice during your first session. Our experienced trainers are always available to give you advice and support. They can give you individual tips and tricks and are the ideal fitness advisors. In combination with our advice above, nothing can go wrong - so #pumpit!

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