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Kettlebell training - Fast and effective Muscle building

by John Harris Fitness

Steel-hard muscles and less flab on your hips, that's what the super effective kettlebell workout promises. If you haven't tried it yet, it's about time. You can do a lot for your body in a short time.

What is the Kettlebell?

A kettlebell looks like a bowling ball with a handle. This handle allows you to hold the ball firmly. Kettlebells come in a variety of weights for beginners and advanced exercisers. They are not a newfangled phenomenon, but were already used in the 18th century.

With the free weight you can make your training particularly effective and flexible. However, the correct execution of the exercises should be learned and supervised by the trainer for the time being. You can perform exercises with one or two kettlebells.

Which kettlebell weight is right for me?

The right weight depends on your training level. For beginners we recommend 6 to 8 kg for women and 12 to 16 kg for men. Already well trained and advanced men can also train with 16-24 kg, women with 12-16 kg. Kettlebells between 24 and 32 kg should only be used by very advanced kettlebell professionals.

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However, the appropriate weight also depends on the exercise. Two-handed exercises tend to be performed with a little less weight, one-handed exercises with a little more weight. Push presses can be done with a heavier kettlebell than presses. In general, always start with lighter weights and then increase as you get more experience with the equipment. Swing exercises must be well controlled so you don't injure yourself.

Why is kettlebell training so effective?

Training with a kettlebell is functional training. This means that not only individual muscles are trained, but the whole body. The movement sequences are similar to everyday movements, so you make your body really fit for life. Bye, bye back pain!

In addition to strength, kettlebell training also trains coordination, agility and quickness. Even if you don't like cardio at all, this workout automatically trains your cardiovascular system. Because the workout combines so many building blocks, it is ideal for weight loss. You can create new stimuli for your muscles with the kettlebell and tackle problem areas from different angles. The workout is also great for balance and to push you further in other areas of training.

The best kettlebell exercises

The kettlebell offers numerous possibilities, which are best discussed with your personal trainer. The classics in kettlebell training are swings, presses and squats. Always make sure that you can slow down the kettlebell swing, otherwise you endanger your joints. In the Kettlebell Swing, for example, you swing the kettlebell from the ground between your legs into a horizontal position. Your back remains straight and you straighten your hips.

We will be happy to show you the perfect exercises for you on site. 

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