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Prevention Sport - Staying healthy even in old age

by John Harris Fitness

Sport is not just about looking good when you're young. It is also our old-age provision. Sure, you might not want to think about that in your 20s, but if you stay fit throughout your life, you'll have a much more pleasant life in old age. Exercise prevents various widespread diseases that later obstruct us.

It's important to stay mobile and get your body moving. After all, you still want to be able to get up and walk well at 70 without immediately being out of breath and feeling pain with every step. It's never too late to start exercising, improvements in quality of life are possible at any age. However, if you have any pre-existing conditions, you should consult a doctor and ask which sports are suitable. Of course, you have the optimal conditions if you do moderate sports throughout your life. Prevention is always better than aftercare.

Sport as prevention of diseases

Sport makes us active and fit. Also our immune system works better in a fit body and we are more resistant, no matter at what age. Joint problems, back pain, cardiovascular diseases, dementia and osteoporosis can be prevented by regular exercise. The risk of falling in old age can also be reduced through improved body control.

Overweight and lack of exercise are major risk factors for various diseases in old age. You don't have to get fit as a fiddle, but any exercise is better than no exercise. You'll see, exercise not only improves your appearance, but your whole outlook on life. When it becomes easier to move again, you will find more joy in it and become happier. Your body should not be a cage, but your tool to explore the world. Don't let your inner pig stop you.

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How much exercise is optimal?

Adults should exercise at least 150 minutes a week. From the age of 30, physical decline begins with the loss of muscle mass and the increased storage of fat. You can counteract this process with sufficient exercise. You will notice from this age that it becomes harder to maintain your actual condition and build muscle mass and condition. You will have to work harder, but it will be worth it. Because, if you don't do anything, you will quickly suffer from back pain, tension or the weight gain. Losing muscle mass has many negative effects on your life. So you have to accept that it will be harder to keep your shape, but by no means impossible. Be focused and do something for your body regularly and it will carry you through life pain-free for a long time.

Over 40, sport becomes especially important. However, only every 10th person still does sports at the age of 40. Over 50, it is only about 5%. Take more frequent breaks and add variety to your choice of sports to keep you going. Regularity is more important than high intensity.

The best sports from 50

Untrained people should always approach sports slowly and not exceed their limits. A mix of endurance sports (about 70%), strength training (20%) and stretching/mobilization (10%) is recommended. You can run on the treadmill in any weather and under the same conditions. To protect your joints, you can also ride a bike or swim. On the bicycle ergometer you can train safely, without the risk of falling. You should pay attention to your pulse and always train in such a way that you can still have a conversation during the workout. This way, nothing stands in the way of training success.

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