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Training in water

by John Harris Fitness

Training in water is one of the top trend sports in the fitness industry. But for a long time now it has not just been about swimming. Aqua sports are not only easy on the joints, but also a real calorie burner. In our studios you will also find some courses that take place in the water.


Training units in the in the water have a lot of advantages. Especially for those who are not allowed to run or do weight training. Since swimming and water sports in general are very easy on the joints, people with physical limitations in particular can train effectively! With this kind of training not only the joints are not loaded, also ligaments, tendons and the spinal column are relieved. The benefits of exercise in water are used especially in rehabilitation.

Research has shown that training in water, with its special physical properties, is an ideal medium for improving endurance, strength and mobility. The density of the water results in increased resistance and muscle work.

If the training takes place in warm water, the blood circulation of the skin and the tissue is additionally promoted. Especially in case of back problems this can be an advantage. The constant small turbulences in the water also train the deep muscle groups, especially those responsible for a stable upright posture. The optimal water temperature for this is 32°C to 34°C.

Aqua Fitness

Generally, aqua fitness is the name given to fitness training in water. Although it is often associated with being sluggish and unfun, you can really work out. The training ranges from gymnastics to weight training.

Aqua fitness in our studios gets you going and you train a wide variety of muscle groups without putting your joints at risk. Since you train in the water, this course is especially suitable for heavier people and people who want to train consciously in a way that is easy on their joints. You will stimulate your blood circulation and increase your body's fitness.

The course takes place in the studios with swimming area. These include the following studios: Schillerplatz in 1010 Vienna, Margaretenplatz 1050 Vienna, DC Tower in 1220 Vienna, Donaupark Studio in Linz and Thalia Studio in Graz. The training session lasts 45 minutes. The course is held by a trained trainer.

Aqua Dance

Dancing in the water? Yes, in our studio Donaupark Linz it is possible. In a pool party atmosphere you can also lose weight. Inspired by Latin American music, the 45-minute, calorie-burning dance fitness pool party takes place. The workout of a different kind.

Power Aqua

Power Aqua focuses on toning muscles and improving respiratory function. This workout tones your muscles, toughens you up, and improves your respiratory function. Furthermore, your blood circulation is stimulated and your skin is massaged. As with the previous courses, this one is also easy on the joints.

Swimming training

With the training in the water the classical swimming training is not to be forgotten. Because swimming is healthy and keeps you fit. In this course you can refine your swimming techniques or learn them. You will enjoy the almost weightless movement in the water.

Try it out now!

You like our course offers? Then you should also try our Aqua offers. Take a look at our online course catalog to see which course is offered at the studio of your choice.

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