Artist: Le Minh Phuong

Meditation - the road to inner peace

Ommm! Meditation may be considered by many as a humbug that only Tibetan monks in orange robes perform to find inner enlightenment. However, meditation can actually help everyone to a better lifestyle, because the power to positively influence one's own psyche can definitely lead to a higher quality of life in everyday life. It's about bringing body and mind into harmony and perceiving the positive in life more than the negative. After all, who hasn't experienced this: once you give in to negative thoughts in everyday life, you quickly find yourself in a downward spiral from which it is difficult to get out again. This is a natural mechanism of the brain. Meditation is about bringing about exactly the opposite.

Positive Mind - Positive Body - Positive Life

What is the effect of meditation?

It is a fact that meditation has been practiced throughout history and in all cultural circles for centuries - so there must be some truth in it! Exactly this has recently been proven by research. Because several studies show that synapses and nerve cells in the human brain can change during regular meditation and thus have positive effects on our body and mind.

One of the biggest pluses for many might be the lasting reduction of stress and worries. How does this work? Quite simply, because through the trained positive basic attitude of the mind, it is always easier to look at difficult situations from a different perspective and be able to master them accordingly. So it can even occur, at best, that one recognizes the positive effect even in stressful times, which in turn promotes motivation and physical vitality. This is also accompanied by an increase in creativity. Because innovative problem solving and the generation of ideas are also improved by a positive mindset. Through a positive attitude, the feeling of happiness is also perceived more intensively.

Last but not least, meditation also strengthens the immune system, which makes the body more efficient and hard-wearing.


Types of meditation

That's enough reasons why you should start meditating sooner rather than later. The question that remains is what techniques there are.

Basically, we distinguish between passive and active meditation techniques. The former describes methods that mainly engage the mind. Usually one sits still in an upright position in the lotus seat (possibly still on a meditation cushion) and trains the mind with mental exercises. Fantasy journeys, or mindfulness meditation, which is about becoming aware of the small positive things in everyday life, are types of it.

An active type of meditation, is for example walking meditation, which is characterized by the natural rhythmic movement of the body while walking and a steady smile. Other active techniques are for example Qi Gong and Yoga. You will also find some of these in our course offerings, so start your mental and physical meditation journey right here with us!

Tip: Meditation is not about quantity, but quality! It is better to meditate less often and in a concentrated way, than to meditate every day and not be fully focused. A good place for a short meditation at this time of year is for example your terrace or garden. You can get some sun and fresh air while meditating.

So let's go - get on your yoga mat, train your mind and start a more positive life! But here is also true: all beginnings are difficult. Don't let it get you down if you as a beginner have difficulties to find your way into meditation and to concentrate. With time you will notice how it becomes easier and easier for you and soon you will notice how your basic attitude towards life has changed. The whole organism benefits from mental vitality, which of course also positively influences the rest of your sports program..

Artist: SergeyChayko

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