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Dance into Fitness

Do you want to lose weight in a totally different way? Dancing is fun and keeps you fit: whether it's classical tango, Zumba or hip-hop. The rhythmic movements get your cardiovascular system going, burn calories and train your muscles. In addition, rehearsing choreographies trains your coordination. Another great advantage is that you can dance alone, with a partner or in a group. We also offer some dance courses, such as Zumba, Hip-Hop Reggae or Salsa Aerobics. All dance courses are held in a way that you can join any time. You don't need any particular previous knowledge. Our instructors make sure that both beginners and advanced dancers are equally encouraged.

Advantages of dancing

If you swing your dancing leg two to three times a week, you can significantly improve your endurance. When dancing, you need to have good body control. Not only do you have to keep yourself upright, but you also have to combine flexibility with precise movements and body control. You use your entire body and various muscle groups. After a while you automatically develop a strong center.

Furthermore, dancing also has a positive effect on our mood. The combination of movement, music and interaction distracts from stress and anger. As you concentrate on the different sequences of steps and coordinate your movement with those of other dancers, you also work on your grey cells. Your spatial awareness is also challenged. Plus, dancing is considered safer than running by sports scientists, as long as you don't pull off a spectacular stunt on the dance floor.

Artist: JackF

Salsa Aerobics

This is not just aerobics to salsa music, but a great opportunity to get to know different styles of salsa. This session will make you sweat. You will dance to different styles - like Ladystyle or Footwork - and get your body in shape. A successful training session is guaranteed.


Zumba is one of the most popular aerobics and dance classes. Here, the classic aerobic training is combined with dances, mainly from Latin America. The intoxicating music and the simple step combinations of the energetic trainers ensure joy in movement. Zumba is suitable for everyone, whether a newcomer or an experienced aerobics-goer. Everyone can work up a sweat here. The use of loose dance - which should be neither stiff nor rigid - makes Zumba especially popular. The loud and motivating music contribute a large part to this. The different units, which are on offer, have different focuses. You train your stamina and then your coordination. Above all, fat burning is promoted. Fun guaranteed!

Oriental Dance

With soft, sensual and powerful movements you train your coordination, strengthen your pelvic floor and burn fat. Your abdomen is especially stressed and strengthened. The mixture of belly dance and dance aerobics focuses on entertainment. With this workout you become flexible and get to know your body in a completely new way.

Has dancing as a sport persuaded you? If so you'll find more dance courses here: from hip-hop reggae to modern dance, there's a lot to choose from. Check online to see which classes are offered at your location. So you can join the next class right away and dance along!

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