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For example, frequent heavy lifting often leads to discomfort in the lumbar spine, while sitting incorrectly in front of a PC tends to cause problems in the thoracic and cervical spine. If incorrect positions are held permanently and long-term, they result in an overload of the musculature. This triggers a chain reaction that causes the tension. Because of the constant wrong tension, the muscles are supplied with insufficient oxygen, which hardens them. This is how the first pains occur, which often lead to relieving postures, which in turn promote and trigger tensions. Because it comes again to an uneven load. Over time, tensions expand as more and more muscle groups are tensed. Anxious reactions, which are triggered for example by professional or private stress, accelerate this process, since a natural tension of the musculature takes place.

We now draw a line under this vicious circle and give you the best tips on how to fight stubborn, painful tension.

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The best tips against tension for your everyday life!

  • Miracle cure: warmth

The tense muscle groups must be kept warm. Also avoid drafts. In this way, tensions can be partially avoided, but also improved. A warm bath with aromatic oils, a heat patch from the pharmacy or a cherry pit cushion heated in the microwave can work wonders.

  • Stretch it out!

Stretching also helps to loosen muscle tension. However, you must also listen to your body, because too much stretching, beyond the pain threshold, has the opposite effect and promotes tension. With moderation and purpose, however, stretching is a good home remedy.

  • Sleep the tensions away

As already mentioned, an uncomfortable bed can also be the cause of tension. Above all the pillow is thereby crucial. Therefore, ergonomically shaped neck pillows often provide relief when sleeping. These pillows adapt to the shape of the body and support the muscles.

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John Harris vs. tension

  • Massage and wellness - There is strength in rest: switch off with a soothing massage, a swim in the in-house pool or a visit to the Finnish sauna and forget your everyday worries. This is all possible with us and you will relax your tense muscles in no time.
  • Sports - If you want to fight tension in the long term, you can't do without sports. The muscles are strengthened, which automatically leads to a better posture, because the body can be better supported by the strong muscles. The main focus of your training should be the back, which is often neglected in conventional training. In our Back Health class, as the name suggests, this is exactly the case. The 60 minute workout is all about the deep back, abdominal and gluteal muscles. Our fascia training is equally well suited for this purpose. For even more classes, check out our workout schedule.

Conclusion: Releasing tension requires a conscious approach to the subject and does not happen on its own. With our everyday tips and regular visits to one of our fitness studios, you will soon notice the first differences and be able to stand up to your tense muscles in the long term.

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