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Sudden Hunger – What does your body actually want to tell you?

We are all familiar with this problem: you are proud of your sporting successes for a few days and have eaten a healthy diet, when you are caught off guard by a ravenous appetite. Chips, fast food, chocolate etc. wander uninhibitedly into us and destroy the beautiful successes immediately. However, this does not have to happen if you know what your body really wants to tell you with ravenous hunger. Cravings don't just happen, usually your body is really missing something. Your body wants to tell you something with the strong desire for certain foods. We will show you how to better understand its messages.

There are methods to avoid cravings or to fight them with healthy means. Of course, you are always allowed to sin a little. But you should always control your eating behaviours. After all, you want to stay healthy and fit.

Cravings for salty foods

Especially after a hard workout we can quickly find ourselves craving chips or similar salty temptations. This craving, however, is often a completely different problem and that is a dehydration or electrolyte deficiency. The body tries to quickly recover the lost salts. But there are better solutions than the longed-for bag of chips. During your training you should pay attention to a sufficient water intake and, in order to maintain your mineral balance, preferably take electrolyte drinks. This will help you avoid cravings later on. In summer, by the way, this is a hot tip, even if you're not exercising and just sweating a lot.

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Craving for burgers, steak and fast food

If you often feel a strong desire for red meat, then you might be suffering from an iron, zinc or vitamin B12 deficiency. In this case, you can replenish your mineral deficiency in a much healthier way and thus curb the cravings. You should not fool your body too often with artificial flavour enhancers, unhealthy fats, etc., as these can also negatively affect your sense of taste in the long term. Some even have addictive potential because they artificially fool your body into thinking you're happy, which can lead to a vicious circle of cravings.

The chocolate tiger

If you often feel an irrepressible desire for sweets, you might be suffering from psychological stress. Scientists have found out that we often reach for sweets when our psyche is out of balance. Sadness, stress, or even anger make us crave the happiness hormones that we release through chocolate and co. If you're craving sweets right now, it's best to look for alternatives.

Sun and fresh air or a workout will also help you to change your mind and bring your emotions back into balance. In addition to emotional difficulties, a magnesium deficiency could also increase your craving for chocolate. This often occurs in women shortly before their period, which intensifies the desire for sweets during this time.

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Cravings for pizza and gratinated food

When we crave fatty cheese, it's usually because we've learned to reward ourselves with it after a hard day. The ingredients in cheese also give your serotonin levels a real boost. You feel full and happy. Fats let our body find a more stable and positive mood. However, you can also achieve this effect with healthier fats, such as olive oil, kernel oil or rapeseed oil. Yoga is also a great way to wind down after a busy day. Just come to one of our evening yoga classes and let the day end quietly.

If you take precautions and eat regularly, as well as pay attention to whole grain products instead of white flour and eat enough fruits and vegetables, you are generally less likely to get a craving attack. It is also important to get enough sleep and exercise to stay in balance. Your regular visit to the fitness club will take your mind off things and keep your body vital.

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