Artist: Miriam Cerezo Garcia

Ashtang -  define and skulpt your body

The expression “Yoga Body” is not a myth. Because yoga helps to shape the body and define muscles without giving them a bloated look. At the beginning of every yoga journey is the sun salutation. Before venturing into acrobatic yoga experiments, get the basics right. This includes the exact implementation of the sun salutation. It is interesting to note that beginners often perceive this as less strenuous. However, the more hobby yogis intensify their practices, the more strenuous it seems to become. When done ideally, the sun salutation is a joint-gentle workout for the entire body, as well as the mind and spirit, of course.

Artist: Lucky7trader

Body tension, body tension and body tension

The way from support position to the cobra is not just a pause halfway. Quite the opposite! If you try to roll from the support position directly into the cobra without taking a break, you need a lot of body tension. This movement requires the entire body muscles.

Activate the abdominal muscles during the cobra and do not fall into a hollow back. The cobra, or looking up dog, is most often done incorrectly. If you try to make a strong bow without activating the abdominal and shoulder muscles, you not only won't have any training success, but you also risk pain in the lower back.

Exact V-position

Again, stretch the back and activate the abdominal. The highest point is the tailbone, those who can do this with a straight back can try to put their heels down. The sun salutation is a good addition to a fitness workout or the perfect little workout for every day. We recommend five to seven sun salutations in a row followed by breathing exercises.

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