Artist: Dane Wetton

Pilates vs. Yoga – What type are you?

You don't have a lot of time and are wondering which training method is best for you. We'll show you the differences between Pilates and yoga to help you decide. In our Group Fitness classes you can also simply try both and decide which one you prefer or combine both.

Old versus new

Yoga originates from India, belongs to Ayurveda and is based on a tradition that is thousands of years old. Yoga is meant to unite mind and body and lead to inner peace and contentment, while Pilates is a modern movement concept meant to strengthen the body on its own. Do you want to go into yourself and get to know yourself better while exercising, or focus purely on physical fitness?

In breathing lies power

In yoga and Pilates, breathing is used as a central element, but the techniques are different. in Pilates, you specifically inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. In yoga, different breathing techniques are used, which have different effects on the body. Sometimes breathing is done purely through the nose, holding the breath for a longer time, or breathing very briefly. These different breathing techniques may seem unfamiliar at first. However, once you get used to them, you can draw a lot of strength from them.

Artist: Dane Wetton

Training goal

If your goal is to lose weight or build muscle, then Pilates is certainly more suitable because it also uses a variety of equipment to intensify your workout. Yoga does not use any equipment at all.

The time component

In yoga, positions are often held for a long time to increase intensity. In Pilates, on the other hand, there are several repetitions of the same exercise to train the muscles evenly.


While Pilates is especially good for people with physical ailments, such as back pain, and specifically improves posture, yoga works perfectly for mental stress to regain inner peace.

Yogalates - The best of both worlds

If you can't decide between the two methods, you don't have to. Yogalates combines the best of both and lets you experience the full range of exercises for body and mind in one hour.

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