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Fascia training

by John harris Fitness

In the last few years it has become more and more popular: fascia training. On every corner you can find fascia rolls, offers for fascia massages and so on. But what can it really do and what is it actually good for, we clarify in today's article.

What are fascia?

Fasciae are probably better known to most under the term connective tissue. As a dense, widely branched and multi-layered network of collagen fibers, fibroblasts and numerous other cells, they permeate the entire body. They form the largest sensory organ of the human body. The fascia construct can do much more than you think. In addition to its support and connection function, it is a sensory organ for self-awareness and a guidance and communication system for some metabolic processes. In addition, fascia also serves as a storehouse of energy and supports muscle work. During movements, fasciae react like a sponge. During tension they are squeezed out and during release they are sucked full again. Through this process, nutrients are exchanged via the connective tissue.

Adhesions of the fasciae

In the case of permanent stress and lack of movement, the fasciae contract, stick together and thus trigger pain and tension. Lymphatic vessels flow through the fasciae. Tension or too little movement can cause lymphatic congestion. In this case, the fibrinogen becomes fibrin, which behaves like a "glue". This causes the surrounding fascial tissue to stick together. The result: the muscles lose flexibility and the ability to move. In the long term, there is a risk of tension, pain or even chronic back problems. What is good is that fascia can be influenced and trained. With targeted training you can make your fascia fit and strong.

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