Want to try something other than running, weight training or yoga? Then boxing could be just the thing for you. This full-body sport is more than just punching and is often underestimated. In boxing, you train not only your body, but also your mind.

The oldest Olympic sport

The origins of boxing lie far in the past. It is said to have been part of the Olympic Games in Greece as early as 688 BC. The form we use today has its beginnings in 17th and 18th century England. There the boxers of that time competed against each other in prize fights. Then, in the middle of the 19th century, the basic rules were established, most of which still apply today.

Perfect to get your body in shape

Hardly any other sport works as well as a total body workout as boxing. The workout is the ideal form to build muscle and strength, increase your coordination and overall fitness. The workout alone, the work on the punching bag, the practice sessions with the trainer on the brats and the other many exercises are that benefit your health and well-being are reason enough to start boxing.

Fight against kilos

Boxing training is one of the most effective ways to lose excess pounds. Up to 1,200 calories are burned per hour. But why is that? Boxing training is sweaty and you will burn a lot of energy. The intense muscle training will cause your body to burn fat reserves. The movement and high-speed strength training will shape your figure. Since boxing is a form of hiit training, it burns a lot of calories. This means that you burn energy for a long time after the sport, thanks to the so-called afterburn effect. Up to 10 hours after the sport your metabolism is still running at full speed.

Reduces stress and aggression

Everybody knows these feelings: negativity, irritability, stress or even aggression. Especially today in the often hectic time it is a problem that most of us know. The intensive training on the punching bag works extremely well against excess tension. All of a sudden, all the stress and negative feelings are blown away and your head is cleared. After the training you feel liberated and if you do it regularly, boxing is a way to transport this balance into your everyday life.

Increase your self-confidence

It is nothing new that sports in general have a positive influence on your self-confidence. This is especially true for boxing, because through the progress of training or even in competitions you achieve a sense of achievement, which gives you a good feeling. These experiences strengthen your self-esteem immensely. Apart from the competition, the training and learning of boxing techniques alone gives impulses for your own self.

Purely a man's thing?

Definitely not! Boxing has meanwhile moved away from the typical cliché of being only a sport for men. More and more women and even children are taking part in boxing training. Basically it is suitable for everyone, no matter if woman or man, young or old. Besides strengthening your muscles, it improves your coordination as well as your stamina. Boxing will push you to your limits. Absolute patience is required. What seems impossible today can be one of your easiest exercises in a year.

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