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Floatfit, the new fitness trend from England!

by John Harris Fitness

Would you like a new, varied and effective workout on the surface of the water?

Then there is good news for this, because Floatfit is now also available in Austria.

Floatfit is a new fitness trend that involves training in the pool but on the surface of the water. As training equipment a special, with air filled training mat serves, the aquabase Floatboard in such a way specified. The material properties of this are similar to those of a surfboard: it is therefore possible to complete the workout on the training mat without falling into the water.

In England, many fitness trainers and studios already swear by Floatfit training. But why is the new fitness program so popular?

Floatfit combines an effective workout with a thrill: participants stand on a wobbly surface, constantly having to maintain their balance, and thus permanently train their inner muscle groups. The fear of falling into the water makes the workout even more exciting and intense. Whether bouncing, stretching or doing yoga-like exercises, Floatfit combines efficient workout, entertainment and fun with every exercise.

In general, it can already be said that Floatfit is a mix of muscle and balance training, but also offers fun, an intense workout and motivating group dynamics.

The basic idea of the Floatfit workout

In Floatfit, the basic idea is to combine high intensity interval and low impact training in a motivating and fun way.

High Intensity Interval Training
In high-intensity interval training, also known as HIIT, you train to your body's performance limits within a very short period of time, for example 60 seconds. This interval training offers a high load phase, in which the highest maximum heart rate is used for training. Afterwards, training continues at a lower load in order to balance out the heart rate again. This is where the name interval training comes from.

Low Impact Training
Low impact training literally stands for training at a low load. Low impact training is therefore recommended in order to be able to train more gently. The training can be recognized by training sessions that always take place with one foot on the ground.

For this reason, training units such as yoga and Pilates, among others, also take place in the low impact training area.

For whom is Floatfit suitable?

In particular, Floatfit training is suitable for fitness beginners and people who want or need to take care of their joints.

Float Fitness is especially fun for people who would like to try something new and find out what physical workouts are possible under more difficult situations. The whole-body workout is made more difficult by the uneven ground and you train your body's own sense of balance.

The group dynamics and the motivating words of the trainer standing at the edge of the pool help make the workout fly by.

Whether you're a beginner or an advanced athlete, you'll learn something new in every single workout and optimize your personal fitness level.

Where does Floatfit take place?

Currently Floatfit takes place 3 times a week at John Harris Fitness Margaretenplatz (1050 Vienna). The course is (like all other courses) included in the membership and of course Floatfit can also be attended with a daily or monthly pass. It is only important to register at the reception: 30 min. before the course starts, participation cards will be handed out, because due to the mats only a certain number of people can participate

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