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Flow Yoga

Movement in natural flow

A yoga class allows you to breathe deeply and forget everyday life for a short time. You can concentrate completely on your body and find yourself again. This works especially well in Vinyasa Flow Yoga because all movements take place in a constant flow. Over time, you experience a real trance through the flow of movement.

This dynamic style of yoga combines Ujjayi breathing with movement. The movement makes you sweat, while your mind can relax and blockages are released.


Vinyasa loosely translated means the arrangement in a special way.

Benefits of Vinyasa Flow Yoga

  • The metabolism is stimulated.
  • The internal organs are massaged.
  • The joints are mobilized.
  • The entire body is stretched and strengthened.
  • The hormone balance is balanced.

Yoga and hormonal balance

You may have just wondered how yoga would affect hormone balance. We are not just basing this statement on the opinion of yoga enthusiasts, but on scientific studies. Yoga can help especially women in menopause to alleviate discomfort and to get along without hormone therapy. Several studies (e.g. study project by Prof. Rolf-Dieter Hesch, 2007) on the subject have already shown that frequent and regular yoga practice has the same effect as mild hormone therapy. The Brazilian Dinah Rodrigues even developed her own hormone yoga concept, which summarizes particularly effective exercises for this purpose.

Yoga has a balancing and regulating effect on the hormone balance of the participant, no matter what age they are. In addition to the positive effect on the organs, mental relaxation and physical vitality, as well as the reduction of stress levels, play a major role. Women, for example, reported an increase in libido and fertility. Men also experience a positive effect on their hormone balance and it can prevent the notorious midlife crisis, for example.

The Ujjayi breathing technique

In flow yoga, the right combination of movement, resting position and breathing play a crucial role. Ujjayi breathing helps you breathe more deeply and consciously. You breathe through your nose, hold the breath for some time and then exhale by slightly constricting your windpipe. The friction of the air creates a slight sound, but it should never be raspy. This form of breathing helps you focus completely on your body. Over time, the breathing can become deeper and calmer. It is also an important indicator of whether you are practicing at the right intensity.

The Vinyasa Concept

In Vinyasa yoga, breathing is uniquely connected to movement, and movement is always initiated by breathing, not the other way around. Breathing leads from one movement into the next, ensuring flow. Vinyasa yoga is especially useful as an introduction for people prone to restless thoughts and mental stress. In movement, they can learn to switch off more quickly because the body is constantly busy.

Those who start with Vinyasa Flow Yoga have the unique opportunity to combine yoga and a workout. Because in addition to the mind, the body is also strengthened and stretched and the circulation is brought into swing. This style is therefore particularly suitable for people who believe yoga is a bit too calm.

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