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Face Lifting Massage

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Ira Ganas

Introduction to the most important Face Yoga Basic exercises. Face Yoga naturally provides a radiant, happy and toned face.
Facial analysis and training program based on it. After 6 weeks 15min check up. Breathing and posture, as well as daily habits are included and provide a lasting result.
Exercises to relieve the muscles of the face affected by physical or mental stress. Especially caused by too long and intense screen activity.
Mainly hand movements are performed in the area of the head and sacrum, which stimulate self-correction, tension balancing and healing processes in the body. The holistic therapy, influences the well-being of body and mind, thereby improving the quality of life.
When I apply the Face Lifting treatment, I communicate through the connective tissue system, stimulating, among others, the facial nerves, the brain and finally the whole body. This has a relaxing and rejuvenating effect. Goals of this treatment: Relaxation, tension balance of the facial muscles Improve expressive possibilities Improve blood circulation, drainage of lymph, drainage, improve jaw function More vital skin, reduction of wrinkle depth with repeated application