24. March 2016

Correct breathing: Don’t hold your breath!

by John Harris Fitness
Correct Breathing for more success

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Breathe in and out, sounds easy right? Actually it’s more than that and more important than many people think. Whether you are a runner or lifter, breathing is crucial to get oxygen into your system while working out. Did you know that the right technique can enhance your training and get rid of pain? That pain you get in your sides, yes I’m talking about side cramps. Did you know that the right breathing can calm you down? Did I get your attention?

Correct breathing

Let’s get to it then, shall we? With the right training and a bit of patience even you can get better and breathe right.
Runners have enough difficulties finding the right tempo and the right strategy. But what you didn’t know is, with the proper breathing you can enhance your speed and performance. Mrs. Alison McConnell, a breathing expert and author, wrote about the 2:2 rule. This means taking two steps with each leg while breathing in and two steps while breathing out. To synchronize the breathing to your running pace will prevent the organs from putting too much pressure on the diaphragm.
If you prefer lifting then keep on reading because good breathing while lifting is just as crucial. Everybody who has been training for some time has probably heard about exhaling on the extension or effort phase; it sounds very logical. Contracting the respiratory muscles will help to have a better grip on the weight during heavier lifts, while maintaining lumbar stability. For example, let’s take the bench press. Exhale slowly while pressing the bar and when you reach the top of the lift, inhale. Let the bar slowly drop to your chest and continuously inhale and repeat. McConnell also tells us to not forget the core and keep it strong to protect the back. The last thing is not to hold in the breath but continuously breathe in and out. I hope for your next training you keep in mind to BREATHE.